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  1. Hi, a game needs to run on a 46' screen or 48' screen in full-screen, where the screen orientation is set to portrait mode in PC. The resolution is 1920x1080 as it is 16:9. How should I model the game world, its width and height? And the size of the objects/images of the game? If I make the game world 1080/1920 as well as background image (1080px/1920px) and game object/images relative to these dimensions, will it look ok on full-screen? Thanks
  2. Hi guys, here is the simple snippet of some code. The method moveToXY which is called in shoot method's body does take into account the velocity argument well. The bullet flies to the destiny slowly, even I pass a very high value. The game container is about ~5000px/~12000px size (I want the game and its images to render well on a big monitor). It has a player who is on ground trying to shoot a bullet up. Why doesn't this work as I expect? Thanks in advance