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  1. It took me longer to respond to this post because I had to talk to our lawyer and ask her about these sections and what exactly they mean. In the first statement, the key phrase is "for promotional or marketing purposes". So if we want to make a video of the game to promote the game jam or to recap the game jam, we can. We can even make a little snippet of the game playable if we want to in order to advertise, say, the next game jam we run. To make this clearer, we're bolding the phrase in our agreement. The "moral rights" are getting at the idea that you can't object to us showing a 5 second snippet of your game in an ad, that we don't have to credit you in the ad just because we're using a screenshot or character from your game, etc. That was the intent of the inclusion given that it's right after the clause about how we can use your game for promotional or marketing purposes, but given that we understand why this sounds like a very broad claim, we will remove it from the contract. Since I think there's a greater issue of trust here, I think it's worth mentioning that over the past 15-20 years, we've hand-picked and individually licensed over 1,200 flash and HTML5 games for our site (all paid, none for free), many from developers who showcase their games on these forums. I am confident we have a good reputation among them and so I'd encourage you to ask webgame developers you know about who we are and whether they've been treated fairly by us.
  2. You have to provide the code of your game to us if you are selected as a finalist because we are going to run the game off our servers during the voting period when the users can play and vote on their favorite games (I wouldn't want to make you pay for our traffic, nor would I want one of our finalist games go down in the middle of the voting). It's less important to me that the game is the actual source but since we're talking about HTML5 games the game is basically the source. I'm fine with the game files being minified/obfuscated, that's not an issue at all. Rather than get into all the details we just asked for the source so it would be totally clear that at some point we need the game files for the finalists so we can host the games ourselves during the voting phase.
  3. I was responding to odiousfly's message about why it's only open to US residents. I think that you replied to the thread between the time that I started typing my response to him and the time that I posted it.
  4. Running contest like this seems like it should be very simple, but the legal reality is that there are so many laws governing skill-based contests with prizes - it would have been a huge expense and additional effort required to make sure we complied with every countries laws regarding this type of contest.
  5. That is not the case - now that I read the rules with your interpretation, I see why you could think that. The intention of this phrase was to indicate that the entry itself (your name and information, etc.) becomes ours and we have the right to access and play the game. Additionally, if you are selected as a finalist, we would also have the right to display the game on our site. It was not intended to mean that the game itself would become our property. This means that you retain the full rights to your game and when the contest period is over you are free to do with it whatever you like. Additionally, at no point do we ever have any claim to or control of the game's IP (your characters and story). Those are always yours and are not affected by the agreement at all. The rules are drafted by our lawyers and while we worked with them to make the agreement reflect the spirit of the competition (believe me, we spent hours on the phone with them), this was one area that we did not clarify sufficiently. We've stricken this line from the agreement so that it's totally clear we don't own your game. Thank you for bringing this section to our attention, and apologies for the confusion.
  6. Learn more here: I work on, and we're running our first-ever game jam through March 4th for HTML5 webgames, with $3,500 in total prizes. I thought the HTML5 game devs community might be interested. The theme of the jam is "Use Your Head". It's only open to US entrants (sorry, this restriction was imposed by our lawyers, as running a contest with cash prizes is apparently legally very restrictive). At the end of the jam, we'll select the five best games as finalists, who will each receive $500. We'll display the finalists on the site and give our audience the ability to vote for their favorite. After the voting period, we'll announce a winner, who will receive an additional $1,000. Rules The contest is open to U.S. residents only, ages 13 and up. Your submission must be an HTML5 game. Your game does not have to involve math. Your game must be 800x600 pixels or smaller. Your game must be your original work, and can’t be published anywhere else. To submit a game, you have to host it yourself and provide a link to play it. Games will be evaluated on fun factor; use of the theme; game environment (how the visual and audio elements, if any, contribute to the gameplay); usability (bugs or performance issues); and public voting. Your game must be appropriate for a general audience and must not contain graphic violence or profanity. You can work in a team, but only one person should submit the game on behalf of the team. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. LLC is the official contest sponsor. For more information, please see the complete Contest Rules. Happy to answer any questions you all have.
  7. I am looking to license or pay for the development of several HTML5 .IO games for We are particularly interested in games that have an interesting logic/strategy component, but we are also looking for some classic games as well. We are not interested in combat-oriented games, but if you are unsure whether yours counts, feel free to submit it. If you have an .IO game and are licensing it, or are interested in developing IO games on a work-for-hire basis and have an IO game in your portfolio to show us what you can do, please respond to this thread or PM me. We are ONLY interested in licensing/working with developers whose IO games can operate at scale.
  8. I really like this game - well done! I also had a tough time figuring out Level 2, and agree that level 3 seems like it would have been easier for me to solve. And I agree with Goblet Ed, I made it to level 18 but the framerate is very poor for me and there is a significant delay between forward moves (for some reason, the undo button seems to work much more quickly). The game does not "feel" very responsive to the player (IMHO). This makes it particularly frustrating to advance through the later levels.