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  1. Hi. We've started using DOMElement and it's pretty good. How ever we have few queries. Do we need to write CSS rules when using DOMElement for different mobile screens/ DPI or will this be handled by Phaser . Because we've observed the UI does not fit properly on devices with hight resolution ( viz devicePixelRatio greater than 2 ). thanks,
  2. Hi , You can use the following to create gradient in Phaser 3. var canvasTexture = this.textures.createCanvas('buttonTexture', 300, 60); var src = canvasTexture.getSourceImage(); var context = src.getContext('2d'); var gradient = context.createLinearGradient(0,0,0,60); gradient.addColorStop(0,"#ffffff"); gradient.addColorStop(1,"#000000"); context.fillStyle = gradient; context.fillRect(0,0,300,60); //Below is required only when running the game in WEBGL canvasTexture.refresh(); this.add.image(10,100,
  3. I guess this issue is with specific set of hardware. In our case we are facing this issue with Mali 400 series GPU's . Can we expect any fix in Phaser? As there is no issue when testing a sample application using pixi.js ( WEBGL ) thanks, Kanthi.
  4. Any update on this. Looking for help thanks kanthi.
  5. Any update on this. Looking for help thanks kanthi.
  6. I'm sorry . I did not understand your statement. I'll rephrase my statement. We are facing the issue when trying to run our application on Chrome via WEBGL. It was working well in chrome 52 and the issue is still there in chrome 54. However the WEBGL rendering with PIXI is working well. So we are wondering if the issue is with our implementation or with Phaser itself. Thanks and Regards , Kanthi.
  7. Hi, I've checked the same on the device. It's running in WEBGL and not on CANVAS. On contrary, the CANVAS render mode has no issues on the mentioned devices. Thanks and Regards, Kanthi.
  8. The second JS Fiddle is using Phaser.js with WEBGL rendering. I guess issue is with Phaser ( Not sure though ) , as there is no flickering with PIXI.js. I still have not reported a bug yet as I'm not sure of what's happening exactly. Thanks , Kanthi.
  9. Hi Joe, It's not working for us. Apparently the chrome beta on play store is versioned 55 now ( v55.0.2883.18 ). Even with this version we are seeing the same issue. below is the device we tested on - Micromax A106 ( Micromax Unite 2 ) , GPU Mali-400 MP2 Here is a sample jsfiddle link which can be used to look into. https://jsfiddle.net/Kanthi/p7azh80s/6/ Thanks and Regards. Kanthi.
  10. Hi, We have tried on Chrome v54 (Beta) from Play store. The issues is not fixed yet . Has anyone tried it ? Thanks Kanthi.
  11. We are facing the same issue with one of our games in the following devices. But the same game works fine when rendering in Canvas Mode. Also the issue is only with Chrome 53 (V53.0.2785.124). We had no issues in Chrome 52 , Also Play Store ( IN ) does not show any update for chrome ie. (V53.0.2785.127) - Micromax A106 (Micromax A106 Unite 2), Android 4.4.2 , GPU Mediatek MT6582 - Lava Iris X8, Android 4.4.2 , GPU Mali 450 MP4 - MicroMax Q372 (Micromax Unite 3), Android 5.0 , GPU Mediatek MT6582M - Samsung SM-T116NY (Samsung Tab 3V), Android 4.4.4, GPU ARM Mali-400 MP2
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