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  1. OK, to revive this post, it seems that Chrome are not accepting any excuses if you aren't using SSL. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/02/07/beware_the_coming_chrome_certificate_apocalypse/ This website (and everyone else's for that manner) should really should start putting plans in place to use SSL certs, before April 17th. In light of this news, are there any plans in the pipeline for this to be done?
  2. Hi @retlawxx, My plan was to release 4 HTML5 games by the end of the year and get a feel of the HTML5 climate. Unfortunately I've only managed to release 2 games this year, Greedy Panda and Higher or Lower on my website (with SSL!) https://jadegames.co.uk. To be fair, I did propose to my girlfriend and am currently relocating from London to Manchester just before Christmas in order to start a job early January (phew!) So I've had to ease up on HTML5 development. Since I have a wedding to pay for next year I'm afraid I'll have to place my primary focus on gaining VMWare and Exchange certifications for work. I am still developing, just not as much as I'd like to be. I try to do a couple hours a week. I'll get more into it after the wedding + honeymoon. I have been really interested in .io games. I program in Gamemaker, recently purchased GM2 and have realised that an .io game not a trivial process with GM 1.4. LOTS of bugs and workarounds to get basic tests working. Seems like bugs found, particularly in the HTML5 module are only being fixed in GM2, so I need to really start getting used to GM2. I've also not seen any .io game in any version of Gamemaker, so thought it would be nice to get their first. Do you have a portal to host your games @retlawxx? I would suggest starting small and building up from there.
  3. I think i have my new favourite browser game I play when I should be working! The controls are easy to get used to The animation has a lot of...juice (I know that term is stupid but it applies here). I think 8-bit graphics have been overused by game developers, but I think it works in this environment. The game is actually fun I've just got a few questions How are you monitising this? Are you in a position to share your stats on average play length, DAU etc? What engines are you using, (particularly server side) Any plans to get this on iOS/Android? Really great work
  4. I've created a few HTML5 games and want to push myself further and try to make a multiplayer game. It got me thinking about monitising .io games and how other people monitise their multiplayer games, if at all. It would be nice if the multiplayer game I made covered it's own expenses. I've not seen any adverts for something like slither.io and video ads would just ruin the flow of the game. So I wanted to ask the community: how do you monitise your multiplayer games?
  5. Hi, Once again, brilliant game. I am interested to know how you are monetizing the game though. You definitely deserve money for making this game. It's fantastic, challenging and just fun.
  6. I recently saw this YouTube video about addictive mobile games which talks about the problem of clones in the App and Play Store. I think a lot of what is mentioned is true. Clones are the sign of an immature market and even though it's annoying every time Nintendo sends a cease and desist to any young developer making a semi-cool Zelda or Mario game, it is entire due to stopping devaluation of inferior products. Addictive games...seems to be a smaller problem for solo developers than large developing studios, but I suspect we are all aware what comes with great power...
  7. I think the problem with threads like this is that everyone tends to refer to their own personal experience which (usually) cannot be extrapolated to the "general" HTML5 game developer. I think there would be fewer disagreements on this thread if everyone prefixed their sentences with "In my personal experience...". @True Valhalla has been making games for years and I've seen him active on the Gamemaker forum in threads that would affect his games (presumably) because it would affect his bottom line (primarily when an iOS upgrade breaks how Gamemaker works) and has a reputation that proceeds him and I believe doesn't have any reason to mislead anyone. @b10b games are some of the most polished games available. To be honest, with the quality of games he's making I'm surprised he's concerned about the state of the market. Although neither of you have said "it's harder to sell games". I suspect both developers experience doesn't tally with other HTML5 developers, it certainly doesn't with mine - I've been making HTML5 games for just under a year, made 2 games, positive feedback but no sales, I'll keep trying though! But that doesn't invalidate what he's saying. I think without someone creating an anonymous survey to all members in this forum to ask users things like years of experience, games published, average income earned, full time/ amateur, etc. Questions like this will forever be dominated by personal experience which isn't the most impartial judge. Just a thought!
  8. Brilliant idea! This game works so well, you can really tell you've spend time and effort on this! If possible, could you get this to work on mobile, when I first clicked on the link for this game it was on my mobile phone and I couldn't connect. Not even sure if it would as fun on a mobile phone screen though... Once again, well done for showing me how multiplayer games should be done!
  9. Yeah...I can't get this work. I've got the same issues as samid737, nothing happens when I enter a game.
  10. Hi all, I've just released a new game to the world and wanted to post it here for feedback and criticism. It's called Higher or Lower, a card game where you guess if the next card in the deck will be higher or lower than the card currently on screen. I've incorporated quite a few cardbacks that the player can select to help increase time spent in the game and the artwork was created by my girlfriend. I think the art style makes the game stand out from other higher or lower card games, certainly from the ones on Google Play. Additionally, I've added sort of a status smiley face to show how well you are doing in the game, the more you get wrong the more the face requires medical attention, it's a similar idea to the Ouch Face in Doom. The game will work on both desktop and mobile devices. It's been tested in various Android devices (Nexus 6, Galaxy S2, Nexus 7) and iOS devices (iPhones 6s, iPhones 5s) and I've not noticed any errors or anything. So please enable audio (which is OFF by default), play the game and let me know how you get on! P.S. if you win or lose, click/tap on the big face for an audible...surprise
  11. Umm...They do work? There should usually a bit of a delay in receiving the email notification, (I guess it's run at a scheduled time rather than on demand?) but I always get notified when a thread I'm interested in gets updates.
  12. I think @espace3d has a valid concern. I thought at least the login page would be encrypted, (perhaps there isn't much point in using encryption for anything else on this site?), but you log into this site over HTTP not HTTPS. If you have a login for this forum, odds are you know at least a little bit about security and probably/hopefully use either a password manager and/or your passwords follow best practices (i.e. not password123) But over HTTP, password length doesn't matter when it's sent over plain text. (I've read a few articles that state that password length is much more important than password complexity) IRL I found out that Tumblr for iOS sent passwords over plain text and after Tumblr changed this to use HTTPS, Tumblr asked its users to change their passwords, perhaps we should do something similar for this situation? http://www.theregister.co.uk/Print/2013/07/17/tumblr_ios_uncryption/
  13. I really liked the game! Where did you get the assets? It looks really good with no weird bugs or glitches I could find anyway. Full disclosure, I did play with the sound off. In my mind, it's a cleanly executed game idea. Well done!
  14. Hi, I completed making my first game, Greedy Panda and wanted to post it here for all to see. http://jadegames.co.uk/Games/Greedy_Panda/GPanda I tried to go for a casual mobile feel, it's an endless runner, not too hard. Would appreciate any feedback people are willing to provide. Kind regards,
  15. Thanks everyone! I've gone with Hostinger as it suits my needs the most and the upkeep is not crazy expensive for someone just starting up. Hostinger seemed to have upgrade options if I wanted more out of it which is encouraging. Website creation is no small task! Still not happy with my current website. Trying to keep it minimal and simple so it's easy to navigate, but to have all your content on...it's like writing a HTML5 game! Thanks to everyone for there suggestions, nice to get the community best minds on the case to come up with a solution!