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  1. I used the native Canvas that came with BrowserQuest but we are slowly departing from that and hopefully can get around using WebGL. The server should work, you may have tried to login/register during server downtime which is unfortunate. Cordova, you can compile any files you want as long as they are HTML5.
  2. Not yet, I already started on rewriting the backend.
  3. Tap Tap Adventure Hello everyone! I have been constantly developing this version of BrowserQuest for nearly two years now, and I have finally managed to bring it to a stable standpoint, I have done so many things to this it'll take quite some time to spell out everything, so here are some of the many features: - Full mobile support through Cordova (available on iOS and Android) - Map has been completely redone from scratch (all BrowserQuest areas removed) - 100s of new Mobs, Armours, Areas, Weapons and Items - Abilities added (through projectile system) - Archery (includes projectiles) - Revised combat formulae - New interface alongside with Character Menu - Added Health Bar Text as well as Mana Bar - Added a levelling system - Added full centred camera on the player - Many exploits present in BrowserQuest have been changed - API Integration with our forums, allowing for greater control over player's character - Complete revision of the networking, allowing minimal data usage on phones (~50 bytes/sec) - Updated to the latest frameworks, NodeJS, jQuery & RequireJS - Cross platform compatibility (all characters are saved from device to device) - PVP Minigame added to the game, alongside rewards - New Music (completely different from BrowserQuest) - Music Engine revised to properly fade out! - And much more! So...? So where do I go from here? The game is nowhere in its completion stage, it is in a playable beta stage, and I am in dire need of as many suggestions as possible, the only developer working on this is me, and I am trying to pull together as many bug fixes, and new content as I can. So please, report any bugs or suggestions on the forums! - The game still requires a complete revamp of the rendering system adopted from BrowserQuest - It requires micro-transactions in the future (servers have to be paid off somehow) - And some other ideas I have in mind regarding open-source-ness - I am still looking for developers, artist, pixel artists, etc. If you are interested, you can contact me on TTA's discord channel or through this website! Links: Website | Forums | iOS App | Android App Pictures:
  4. Hello everyone, I'm new to this website. This is a project I've been working at for about two years now. I'm expanding BrowserQuest's mini-MMO project to a full scale game. So far, I've changed so many things on the game I'm not even going to bother listing everything. I am willing to provide any assets necessary to fully finishing this game, I am in need of an extra developer as school is starting to get really hard on me, and I do not want all my work of this project to go to waste. Here are some changes and pictures. Inventory System Levelling System Mana System Bank, Shop & Enchantment System Character is constantly centred Over 1000 new sprites New Music Rendering Improvements (Nearly 2x faster) New Map (Hand made from scratch) Currency System API Integration