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  1. I love these animations! Nice game with simple mobile gameplay and gorgeous visuals Maybe add some more effects\animations for popping?
  2. Additional advice about 2 level: Just replace it with level 3 or 4. They are much more intuitive and basicly have only one solution, so they are fit better for this kind of tutotial. Apart from that, game is really nice.
  3. Thank you guys, all of this was really helpful. Yes, I wanted (and initially developed with) 60 fps, but for the reason of compatibility and smoothness on phones and old computers. I guess, it is time to learn dynamic framerate and delta time. Thank you again
  4. Hello everyone. I am currently developing fast paced html5 game and I want to ask you some opinion and advice about framerate. What is recommended fps by default? 30 or 60? 60 looks much more smooth for me, but in general, many people cant tell any difference and, also, 60fps is twice resource consuming as 30, so it could be a problem on some devices. I know, that optimal solution is dynamic framerate, but it require some serious work to dodge collision bugs etc.. What is current standart with html5 games?
  5. KirUn

    Bee Honey

    Looks quite cute, But I couldnt play more than 2 minutes. I feel literally sick. Reason? CAMERA. Bee flying around the flower all the time and camera ALWAYS pixel-perfectly tracking bee. So, camera constantly spinning around the flower etc etc. I do not think that I am the only one who can get nausea from this. So please, work on the camera behavior. I suggest you to make camera follow active flower and not bee, or, probably some point at the line between bee and flower. Other then that, game looks pretty nice. But camera makes it unplayable for me. PS Nice background, liked falling leaves.
  6. KirUn


    I actually was bothered by the voice at the beginning but it turned out quite nice. Though, messages could be more various or less frequent. Game mechanics done well, but I tnink pace is little too slow at the start. I can stay without any urge to move pointer for like 5 seconds or more. Apart from this, game is decent
  7. KirUn

    Loon Ride

    Is it unavailable on WEB or am I missing something?
  8. Great concept! Got 4879 and 11. It is a bit difficult to figure out how new numbers appear though