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  1. @adam thank you. Do you happen to know anything about energy.js? I saw it beeing announced and I wonder whether it will be published anytime soon.
  2. Hi Adam I'm really a newbie here and not sure whether I got things straight. My understanding is, that the preview version of babylon.js on Github is the one that incorporates all the recent changes (also your plugin correction?) and that the online resource at is that same version...? I tried a new scene: which doesn't look too good. The gravity seems to be to little now (98.1 seems ok) and the stick somehow prefers to stick around... I don't know whether my code is corrupted, or the changes to the plugin haven't been made yet, or whether a new problem has surfaced??! Any help is much appreciated!
  3. @@adam Awesome! Great that you found the culprit. I'm curious to see how much of Oimo's sometimes erratic behaviors that will cure.
  4. @fenomas Thanks! That is a great hint! Looks like I have to switch to a different browser then (Safari now... ). Strange that Cannon has Cylinder-Imposters defined by name but not implemented a function to tread them as primitives. So since I'd like to stick to Cylinders and rather want to increase their numbers, there are two options for me right now: stay with Oimo or fork Cannon to add Cylinder collision. Even though @dbawel spend some kind and encouraging words in the beginning, I don't see that second option at present - wouldn't even know where to start... So, if I stick to Oimo: Somehow I have to get my ground impenetrable. Any ideas on that? I tried a box instead of a plane but it didn't make a big difference. Maybe scaling everything up by factor 10 or 100 helps? I'll give it a try... Next step will be including air friction. I'll see what you guys have already found out and written about. But in case someone can already tell that it will be (nearly) impossible with Oimo, I'm happy for advise...! Benji
  5. strange - its massively slower on my local MAMP server than running it from within the playground?!!
  6. Checking back with Oimo: Phww, its fast!! The Vector3s apparently have to be divided by 10 to get proper results (like -0.98 instead of -9.8 for gravity; rotation likewise). As soon as velocity goes up, those sticks start to smash through my impenetrable ground. I played al little with the values, but couldn't get it to work properly. It works better with box imposters, but results in some strange looking stick-moves...
  7. @Wingnut @dbawel thanks for optimizing the code and checking out different imposters. I'm on mobile right now but will play around later on. I encountered boxes sinking into or falling through the ground in earlier versions of the code. Actually I haven't yet figured out why that is now ok. Anyway, my vision of seeing several k objects falling and colliding while keeping a decent frame rate is somewhat weakened right now. Is there a totally different approach maybe with massively reduced accuracy? I didn't have the time to try out setTimeStep() yet though...
  8. @dbawel I did change to cannon.js now. There also was a typo problem in my code regarding Impostor vs. Imposter. The code is running fine now: but the speed??! Dunno if its due to my old Macbook (2009), but frame rate goes down to 10 per sec. with 150 colliding objects. Is that normal?? Is there a way to improve that? I'd happily trade in some accuracy for speed, if there is a way. Somewhere I read about instances - could that maybe help? (The objects falling are all the same) Thanks again! Seems to be a great community here!
  9. Thanks a lot, DB for taking the time to explain that. For me, cannon.js will be just fine I gess. I haven't written much code that I'd have to rewrite now - unlike you... I actually only went for Oimo because people seemed to like it for its performance - and I have a little project in mind that involves several k colliding objects... Benji
  10. Hi I am very new to Babylon.js and to coding in general... i've been looking at the tutorials on and played around a little with that. Now there is this tutorial "play with physics". Works fine. But when I replace the Oimo.js and Babylon.js that comes shipped with the tutorial with the most recent, I get this error message: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this.body.body.linearVelocity‘) Any ideas how to get that fixed? Thank you!