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  1. There is a test I created: ( NOTICE: There are many different box2d.js projects , I chose (& ts ), Because it includes Google's LiquidFun , I like this feature.) Matter.js is the worst , both performance & correctness
  2. I know there are some discussions about this topic. But they are outdated & too old. Now it's 2018 , and some physics engines have been updated , and there are some new engines. So , let's talk it again. Which 2D Physics JS Engine is with better performance in 2018 ? matter-js p2.js box2d.js with liquid box2d.ts planck.js or someone else ?
  3. I think we should use `` instead of `new Date().getTime()`
  4. I found there are some `new Date().getTime()` in Babylon's source , Why don't use `` ?
  5. Is the Phase 3 based on pixi.js still ?