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  1. The more searching the trickier it seems 🙃 ... so it might be good to switch completely to bitmap fonts and then try to cope with all kind of horribleness that brings, such as: Disable user zooming of viewport, like user-scalable=no, initial-scale=1, minimum-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, width=device-width, minimal-ui=1, shrink-to-fit=no Game.scale.mode: Phaser.Scale.NONE to disable scale manager Game.render.antialias: false or in CSS image-rendering: pixelated/crisp-edges Position images on crisp pixels: scene.cameras.main.setRoundPixels(true), which means that text should
  2. Why Phaser 3 text is blurry? As an example, see the text "1. White to play" at https://gamequack.com/en/beginner-chess-puzzles/ Pixel rounding seems to improve a bit, but it's still not perfect:
  3. Well put - I like your thinking
  4. @Camaleonyco Awesome images! I'd really like to see them on a space-themed AAA game. 👍 I'm still a bit skeptical about this game's success, since it's an old-school RTS and unlikely to find any broader audience even with some high quality graphics... But I'm still working on the game and keep this post updated. Thanks for a crash report, I'll check it out.
  5. I started playing around with Phaser 3 particles and ended up creating an RTS game prototype. The game also supports touchscreen and runs nicely on mobile browsers. If you are looking for and old-school RTS game, give it a try and leave a comment 😀 Direct game link: https://gamequack.com/dark-universe-rts-in-space/
  6. Some progress on map generation, but I noticed performance problems on my older Android mobiles with 150x60 tilemap. It was enough to change the bottom layer to static and switching off anti-aliasing: render: { antialias: false } map.createBlankDynamicLayer => createStaticLayer A big hand to Phaser 3 devs for fullscreen and scaling! They are are a bliss especially on small screens: scale: { mode: Phaser.Scale.FIT, autoCenter: Phaser.Scale.CENTER_BOTH }
  7. @Wolfsbane Thanks for the tips. I decided to go with achievements to add some more challenge and purpose. I suppose it's also an OKish victory / end-game condition to collect all the achievements, as long as it's entertaining... That being said, the next thing is to make it more delightful such as adding some explosions and shotguns. I guess that ought to be fun Link to game Top-down racing game
  8. Top-down racing game is a quick 2D game from top-down perspective. It's a "proof-of-concept" with a question: Is it a fun game or should I ditch it?
  9. Thanks all! The golden rule on webgames' rules seems to be able to play without instructions, I agree That said, you may still may want to write: Board game rules, e.g. Sudoku guide how to solve sudoku, also on a paper A game design, e.g. I wrote Super Tic Tac Toe rules before coding the game Background story, e.g. how I used Tic Tac Toe logic as an example to learn some gaming AI Use webgame as an utility, e.g. how to learn Clave rhythm by playing an online game SEO, the links above and the linked pages repeat the same keywords which is good for SE
  10. Please share examples of well-written game instructions. Don't be shy to promote your games
  11. Now after five years, I finally made it: The perfect layout for my webgames, behold! Sudoku guide and solving techniques I'm way too shy
  12. My first contact with Phaser 3 was great! Unlike previous versions, Phaser 3 seems to have just one way to do my usual things - which gives me confidence that I'm also coding it the right way. That way I can focus on my own stuff without thinking so much what will be supported in the future. The size of phaser.min.js got me a bit alerted at first, but it seems to load in 100 ms even on the first time so that's not something to worry about. I started with a simple game: Clave rhythm in a minute
  13. I made my first trials with phaser3. It's awesome! Especially flat display list with multiple Scenes and cameras make my code much cleaner. I think Phaser3 is quite complete already to make games, but what I still really miss is some kind of container...
  14. Solve Sudoku Techniques - FAST! Solve Sudoku in one minute Solve 80 % of Sudokus in 3 minutes Solve hard Sudokus in 5 minutes PLAY: Solve Sudoku Techniques - FAST! WHY: To learn Sudoku techniques in order to solve those hard Sudoku puzzles in your favorite newspapers. The most important lesson I learned is to really focus on your game. As a hobbyist, it took two years to complete this game and especially mobile has been an issue until these days. I have had my time with native Android SDK, PhoneGap, Cordova and even with Chrome extensions... but now after two ye
  15. A couple of tips still... Avoid slide effects: I replaced all slide effects with simple popup transitions and it looks soo much more slick. Actually I can't see any difference between browser vs. webview on my Android Galaxy Tab A or Honor 8 anymore. Learn Sudoku on Android Learn Sudoku on Web Android 5 is not perfect:The game has got crashes on Android 5.0/5.1 due to webview. I probably need to change minSDK to Android 6.
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