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  1. So @BitOfGold and or @Rodrix3 So any progress on this ???
  2. The actual code for Camaera rigging is in the SceneManager Extension project ... if you wanna see what I’m doing for camera management, check out the scene manager project
  3. Yo @Sebavan ... I REALLY NEED HELP Calculating Input Weights for 2D Blend Trees (I dont understand the game math used for Polar Gradient Bands create by Rune ... The Unity Locomotion Guy...) If you PLEASE contact me so we can talk... I think i still get your cell, you can text me so we can hook up and i can show you all the details. I really need this to close up and create my Game mechanics stuff (Which most is based of my implementation of the Unity Mechanim Animation State Machine System) Secondary would be the Shader... @NasimiAsl needs to help with that
  4. Script are used in Pairs... You create BOTH the .cs and .ts file. Note: The CameraRig is a built-in component (Add Component-->Babylon-->CameraRig). This component has built in features for to rig the camera. You dont need code if using my CameraRig... But you can ALWAYS make your own camera script by creating BOTH the Editor Component and the BACKING CLASS (.ts). Im pretty sure i go over that in the Getting Started video
  5. Hey guys, what’s the main difference between a heightmap collision type vs just a mesh collision type... if you make a terrain for example by creating a mesh from a heightmap image, it’s a mesh then... so why wouldn’t you use a mesh collider... just would like to clear on what exactly the heightmap collision type gives you and the best case to use it
  6. You need to implement CameraRig.ts with your Babylon logic... or use my built in Camera Rig component and enable whatever camera type and input you want check the getting started video in the docs to help you get going and how to use scripts in general https://doc.babylonjs.com/resources/intro#getting-started
  7. This is another area that I repeatedly asked someone to help... Terrain exporting and the shader need to render... I have implemented how Unity does terrain splatmapping but could never really get results I was looking for... so that part is just stuck there in limbo.... FYI... Advance Character Animation and State Machines are I. The same limbo because again ... I can’t get NO ONE to actually help with the code for Calaculate Input Weights (2D) needed to fully implement blend trees... I already did 98% of all the coding for this stuff but can’t get anyone (everyone I asked is too busy to
  8. I had to reduce the max splats six because I could never get any help with the shader and the texture2D calls using a texture atlas so I can put all splats texture I one single file... since absolutely NO ONE helped with that (I mean actually help code)... I went back to using a separate texture for each splat and each optional bump map... that mean the MAX texture units that can be sampled in the the Shader is 16... some WebGL 2 version support 32... Anyways I limit to 6 splats (with up to 6 optional bump maps and 2 color maps aka splatmaps... that 14 plus any lightmap and or environment
  9. I dare to ask again... but with all this Ammo.js experiments... Has anyone made it support Babylon JS using the native Babylon Physics Plugin Interface instead of just hacking Ammo.js into a specific project ???
  10. The prefab system is the core tech behind this kind of thing. You have a couple ways of doing this type of thing using prefabs. 1... Manually create instances from prefab meshes 2... Use the built in Tree 🌲 system I made to support Terrains (not complete because I could never get anyone to help me write the terrain shader all the way) I’m sorry, I have company visiting me this week. But when I get a chance I’ll try make a quick video showing the Terrain and Tree Painting so you can use the Editor to scatter trees over the terrain . Including Tree LOD’s
  11. Holy crap.... Somebody did ALOT of work on that new inspector... Looks Freaking awesome
  12. Sweet... how are you moving that guy in Sandbox ???
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