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  1. Looks really beautiful! I'm all in for lemming basic tutorial, want to know about them for a long time. Hopefully your crowdfunding plan is a success!
  2. I have created them, but not ready for publication/public playing unfortunately. Still need to minify/cleaning up the code a bit since it including your excellent box2d/particlestorm plugin After this challenge end, I will clean them up and post them online.
  3. Of course, there is always something new to learn. Some of them: - Some of the most popular prototype are the one that keep player engaged the whole games (like those of twitch/reflex games) - Simple control is also popular, with most people also recommend it to port to mobile platform - There are still many powerful feature of Phaser that I haven't utilized yet. This prototype challenge force me to learn and implement them in all of my games. - GIF is more popular/viral when sharing to social media than video/image. Of course, different purpose need different media format, and video/image will always have it use. Maybe I will compile them after this month ends and share it here.
  4. Hi all, Just want to share my activity for this October, Protober. It's basically like Inktober/Octobit, but for game designer/programmer. Instead of illustration/pixel art, you need to come up with a new gameplay idea/prototype everyday for the whole month! I have attached some of my prototype here, but feel free to check all the prototypes that I have made so far at: http://harsanalif.com/protober/ Any feedback will be appreciated. Maybe anyone interested following Protober too for the last 10 days?