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  1. This is what I ended up doing, I copied the ArcRotateCameraPointersInput and added 2 events and used them like this: var cameraAnimation = ..... camera.inputs.attached.pointers.onUserInteraction = function() { cameraAnimation && cameraAnimation.animationStarted && cameraAnimation.pause(); }; var idleTimeout = null; camera.inputs.attached.pointers.onIdle = function() { if (idleTimeout) clearTimeout(idleTimeout), idleTimeout = null; if (cameraAnimation && !cameraAnimation.animationStarted) idleTimeout = setTimeout(function() { cameraAnimation.restart(); }, 500); };
  2. Custom controls with objects are fine. The problem is that the built-in camera input objects don't use the actionManager pattern and don't raise events, They just hook themselves to the DOM. I want to be able to do something like: var cameraAnimation = scene.beginAnimation(camera, .....); camera.inputs.attached.pointers.addEventListener('onusercontrol', function() { cameraAnimation.pause(); }); Without having to rewire the entire input component.
  3. Hi, I have an animated ArcRotateCamera who's animation should pause quietly on user input (through PointersInput). At the moment the input components do not announce state changes. I think at the very least, input types should have a `get state` & an `on state change`. IMO the input system could use a rewrite.