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  1. hi, why i always got this message at this site http://mightyeditor.mightyfingers.com. is there anyone can access it? i'd love to try mighty-editor.
  2. Hi, is there anyone interesting or working on DragonBones animation http://dragonbones.com ? please, i need your help on Mesh support. because it requires knowledge of PIXI.mesh and Phaser.Rope i got the post here http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/27840-dragon-bones-phaser-plugin/ and i brought to github please take a look at this https://github.com/raksa/phaser-dragonbones and help make it support on Mesh rendering. thanks,
  3. hope you put it on github and support it together
  4. i got the answer var fileReader = new FileReader(); fileReader.onload = function () { game.cache.addSound("key", "filename.wav", this.result); //and use it var audio = game.add.audio("key"); audio.play(); }; fileReader.readAsArrayBuffer(blob);
  5. hi i'm a newbie for phaser framework i want to know that is it possible to load audio from existing buffer or blob data to cache? for instant after i got audio buffer from input audio, i want to play it by phaser audio. because there a problem in Android browser, i can't play audio from converted dataurl via html5 audio tag. thanks,