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  1. AI cannot hurt itself on purpose, and is not shooting at each other. Yup, I agree with lack of UI, still I cannot sacrifice more time for that project. If anyone want to get the code and improve it, feel free : https://github.com/JasperCherry/Shipwrecked
  2. I realise that still, it's just one of the projects, kinda playground.
  3. Hey there, I just finished my first multiplayer project based on node.js. Some features of game below: - earning upgrades during the game - up to 10 players + 5 constant AIs on the map - can play with friends or against them - in build chat and map to communicate with others - optional voice control Have fun https://shipwrecked.herokuapp.com/
  4. Some basic demo finished : https://the-flying-dutchman.herokuapp.com/
  5. Hello everyone, Since 2 months i am developing on my own a multiplayer game, and will take few more weeks to finish it (uni project). However here is early version of what it will look like, any suggestions are welcome to make the project better. Game rules : as one of the ships in the game you are fighting or uniting with other players. AI is always hostile to you (dark ships) and stronger. Also doesn't die when collided. What will be implemented: - better UI - upgrades - better chat - graphics + sounds - larger map - more AI to fight with
  6. Hello again, Game has been updated! Major changes include: - better game balance, its much easier in the beginning - new enemy type - new blast effects Have fun everyone: http://doc.gold.ac.uk/~kwisn001/games/HotSteel/
  7. Thanks for whole feedback you gave, really good points! Game might be developed in the future, probably next summer, I might move it on node.js and make 2 persons coop game, so you can play with any friend online. But cant promise anything for a moment.
  8. Hello everyone, It's my first game done with Javascript, I've been working on it almost 3 months in my spare time. Game saves the progress with cookies. Looking forward to hear your opinions and feedback. Here is projects GitHub - https://github.com/JasperCherry/HotSteel Here is the game on my uni server - http://doc.gold.ac.uk/~kwisn001/games/HotSteel/ Some screenshots:
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