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  1. I have one simple Christmas Game for selling. http://coffeebreakplayground.com/coffeegames/santagame/ I can customise it with your own logo. Thanks
  2. I was just thinking about this few days ago. This is the result: http://coffeebreakplayground.com/coffeegames/cdktest/ This is haxe implementation. I convert code from As3 https://code.google.com/archive/p/collisiondetectionkit/downloads. I believe you can adjust it to work with JS.
  3. And how to manifest.json have to look? There isn't explanation on their how to implement API web page? According your code above it means "one of"- I see logical or ||
  4. Does anyone have problem with upload on GameDistribution.com? I have following problem: Root folder of zip file doesn't include index.html or manifest.json. even if I have index.html in root folder.
  5. Hi, I would like to show you my new game JiggyPuzzle. This game is also ready for licencing-exclusive and non-exclusive Features - 6 categories x20 images - possibility to upload custom images - possibilityto load images with different URL - save progress (game use http://www.shephertz.com/ service) - lock/unlock categories/features - multilingual (en, nl, tr, es) - external settings (XML)-possibility to add more categories etc. - responsive - 1920x1080 assets - desktop and mobile version on demand http://www.coffeebreakplayground.com/coffeegames/jigsaw/
  6. can't load (autorska prava?)
  7. Well, for me JS has is almost same syntax as AS3. At least, both are ECMAScript based.
  8. their support is excellent, I always get very fast response.
  9. I just talking from my experience.This is what I get in email what they need. "- full responsive games for both orientations (playable in portrait as well as landscape) with a dynamic UI that adapts to the orientation" Anyway, I play your game on my Huawei Android and I get grey bar bottom.
  10. Your game doesn't work on landscape mode and in portrait mode you have grey bar bottom. As I know Famobi (and others publishers) wants this feature - to work on Portrait and Landscape mode in mobile browsers.
  11. Really nice game. I like it. Graphic is awesome. But I'm still wondering: how can you get Famobi licence if you don't met some of them criteria for the games?
  12. HelloweenParty game is available for licencing in next few days. you can play it here: test.dfabrik.cz/halloween/
  13. well, I'll stick with tool and renderer.
  14. I agree with you but sometimes I must explain it to the people during interview (I can't help to myself :-) ). Maybe it's reason why I got a lot of -REJECTED- emails ;-).
  15. I'm wondering is Pixi Game Engine or Framework? I'm asking this because Companies in their job ads always refer Pixi as a GameEngine. My opinion is: it's framework and I always have problems with interview trying to convince other side: "come on guys, It's not Game Engine it's framework :-)" Thanks
  16. Hi, I have 4 "connect 3" style games for licencing. Technical details: Programming language: haxe/openFL Release target: html5(js)desktop & mobile, Android, iOs, Desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac) Graphics: HD (1920x1080) Multilingual: English... Possibility to easy extend localisation via XML Levels/categories: extendable via XML Orientation: Portrait and Landscape (mobile Web only) http://test.dfabrik.cz/gemsconnect/ http://test.dfabrik.cz/wordcrush/ http://test.dfabrik.cz/digitcrush/ http://test.dfabrik.cz/swatchline/ If anyone interested can contact me on PM or via email: coffeebreak.interactive[at]gmail[dot]com
  17. I already have 3 games on PlayStore. I can convert it for you to html5. The games can be customised. You can contact me for more information. Thanks.
  18. I''ll suggest you openFl because you can use your existing .swf directly in openFl, and also there is a tool for As3 conversion to Haxe/openFl code.
  19. You can apply for Video game Ads from AdSense but who knows how it works (I applied and never get an answer). I think it's reserved for big players (Game portals with lots of traffic) or you can use AdSense on your page. Just show it as pop-up any time you want.
  20. can I get name of the company (PM). Thanks
  21. I would like to see your hand-made ads but on those 3 sites I don't see it? My opinion is that you have really nice and good game. I like it. I believe you will be successful with it. I don't understand some people here- they are complain about game graphics. Come on guys, graphic in this game is OK. I see here a lot of games with, well, let's say poor graphics. From my opinion only http://www.okijin.com/ games has "wow" graphics. So for this game you should focus on monetisation channels.
  22. Hi, My new game PirateRiddle is available for licensing for both exclusive or non-exclusive licenses. Technical details Programming language: haxe/openFL Release target: html5(js)desktop & mobile, Android, iOs, Desktop (Windows, Linux,Mac) Multilingual: English, German, Spanish.... Possibility to easy extend localisation via XML Levels/categories: extendable via XML You can play it here: http://pirateriddle.dfabrik.cz/ If you're interested please contact me here or directly on coffeebreak.interactive@gmail.com Regards Dfabrik team
  23. Well, I've just read your first blog post and I have question for you: how you, god damn, steal all of my ideas? The text sound like I wrote it. :-) Last year I was working in big game company and I decide: it's not for me. I didn't enjoy in work and it should be fun when you decide to make the games. So I have the plan, and you wrote it :-). Long time ago, when I start with this (programming), the main goal was-to make the game. Today, I can build any type of game but I have no (clear) idea how to sell it (or how to earn money for living). I'm from Eastern Europe too and my goal is also 100$ per day. I also focus on html5 games, use haxe/openFl as main language with my own framework for fast game build. Earning money from my own games is not idea about money, it's idea about freedom. If I can earn money from my games, I can be in that 100%. Now, I must do some another stuff for living. I'll keep track your blog and I hope both if us will be successful. :-)