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  1. Oh man so awkward. I wrote "defaultCrosshair" instead of "defaultCursorStyle" - because I could only think about the crosshair style....sorry to have bothered you guys!!!
  2. Would like to know this as well. Nobody seems to answer these questions. Maybe this just does not work and it's a taboo to tell that
  3. hey there, It works in regards of not duplicating event bindings. But it does NOT work in regards of rendering the new cursor style. It is still the same. As I debugged the property 'defaultCursorStyle' it said "crosshair" but it just did not rendered the crosshair cursor. I posted the same issue on Stackoverflow in more readable way I think. If you still did not understand what my problem is you can take a look there: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/40279317/change-default-cursor-style-in-pixi-js Thanks for your help so far Charlie
  4. thank you! It is the right one. Sadly it is not possible to set the defaultCursorStyle to "crosshair". It actually worked but there was not change to the cursor like when I use the same property value for a InteractionManager instance I defined by myself. Is there some kind of "setup()" function I need to call so the changes will apply?
  5. Hey Guys, I wonder how to access the default initalized InteractionManager? Referring to this thread: There seems to be a InteractionManager already initialized. I have the same problem like the threadstarter in the referred thread. My events are registered two times since I have initalized my own InteractionManager to change the defaultCursorStyle. How can I access the interactionmanager created by PIXI?
  6. Is it really that complicated?
  7. so when my top level container is called "stage" I could do stage.defaultCursor = mySprite ? I tried this it did not worked somehow can you give me a working code example via JSFiddle or something?
  8. xetra11

    Set cursor style

    I'm curious as well...is there really no possibility?
  9. Hey guys, I really wonder why I was not able to find anything about changing a cursor with PIXI.js or very little with incomplete practical examples. I found out that I need to set something like this: sprite.buttonMode = true; sprite.interactive = true; sprite.defaultCursor = someSprite; What I'd like to do is to change the cursor right on start and keep it that way for the whole canvas area. How do I achieve that? greets Charlie
  10. can you explain me that group way everybodies talking about a little bit?
  11. But these position coordinates are still global? I thought about something like buttonText.local.x = 0 buttonText.local.y = 0 And then I expect the Text to be at the left top corner of the Rectangle Shape. That's what I actually want to achieve. So when moving the Button Rectangle the Text always goes with it. Thanks for you attention btw!
  12. Hey guys, Please take a look at this JSFiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/r4yfozsw/1/ As you can see I'm trying to have a button with a text on it. Therefore I create a Graphics object and draw it as a Rectangle. Afterwards I add a Text object to its children AND this Text object receives an option called "align : center". That way I expected the Text to be centered to its local container. Sadly the Text just got rendered at the global x:0;y:0 Can somebody tell me what I'm misunderstanding in regards to the container system of PIXI.js? greets Charlie!