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  1. They overlap when I create them and the system automatically moves them. But these moves look random. Sometimes it moves them to left, sometimes it moves them to right. If it is deterministic, it should always have the same behavior.
  2. Thank you, The game is developed for telegram's gaming platform and it uses their API for high scores I've used a library called $1 for shape detection. However the library seems to learn, but their documentation is extremely bad I will try to make it better.
  3. I have finished my first Phaser game. It is suited for mobile and desktop platforms. The game is called "Talisman". You should draw the symbols shown above the enemies to destroy them. The drawings should be from left to right as displayed in the beginning of the game. The game's language is Farsi only right now. However there isn't so many texts in the game. All you need to do is to tap or click on the big green button on the center of the screen. Here is link to the game: Talisman I would be glad to hear your opinions about the game. I'm explicitly looking to hear opinions about the graphics of the game. Also, if any publishers are seeing this and are interested, I would be glad to make a partnership Regards, Jerry Afr
  4. for (var i=0;i<4;i++) { var sprite = game.add.sprite(80+4*90, y, 'units'); sprite.anchor.setTo(0.5,0.5); sprite.animations.add(type, Phaser.Animation.generateFrameNames(type+'-'+d+'-', 1, 8, '.png'), 8, true);; sprite.scale.setTo(0.5); game.physics.p2.enable([ sprite ], false); sprite.body.clearShapes(); var physicsName='unit_down'; sprite.body.loadPolygon('physicsData', physicsName); sprite.body.fixedRotation=true; sprite.body.mass = unitInfo.mass; sprite.body.setZeroVelocity(); } Here is how I create troops in my game. I'm calling this method every time I click on a button and sometimes, the troops align like the left group, sometimes they align like the right group (in the screenshot).
  5. Hi, I'm using p2js for physics for my game. The issue is p2js is having different behaviors in the same situations. I'm adding 4 units with the following shape to the scene to the same x and y in a loop each time I click on the page. "shape": [ 10,0, -10,0, 0,-20 ] As you can see in the screenshot, the first and second group of 4 units have different alignments while they are being added with the same function with no difference. It seems that p2js is using a random function in some cases to determine how to move the objects. Is there any way to make p2js deterministic? Since I'm making a multiplayer online game, it is a critical factor for me. Thanks