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  1. I'd love to read this but it seems to have disappeared from the web. Is it available anywhere else?
  2. This is lifted straight from my game which doesn't really do any advanced stuff with the camera beyond simple panning for now, so I haven't looked into this yet. But I may actually need to follow objects soon, so I'll post back if I fix this issue. If you manage fix it before me, I'm also interested to hear about it!
  3. Did you call test.update() in your state's update function? Also, I notice you're using an amplitude .1, which seems strange to me unless your stage is way zoomed in. It's not supposed to be a drop-in replacement for Phaser's shake, because it's tailored for my game with a fixed resolution. So, the amplitude (first parameter) is actually the amount of pixels you want the camera to move, not a ratio like Phaser's shake. Another incompatibility with Phaser's shake is that it attenuates the amplitude over time, which I don't think Phaser's shake does.
  4. If it helps anyone, here's my custom shake implementation in TypeScript.
  5. Here's a minimal jsfiddle that demonstrates the problem. https://jsfiddle.net/9yok8p0x/1/ Commenting out line 37 sprite.filters = [ filter ]; will cause shaking to work.
  6. I'm developing a game that makes generous use of camera.shake. Since I've added shaders (filters), I've noticed that camera.shake only affects some layers of the graphics, resulting in artifacts like in the attached picture. A filter is applied on the lava. Notice the misalignment of the ground tiles with the other layers -- the ground tiles got moved by the shake, but everything else unexpectedly stayed in place. When disabling the filter, camera.shake works as expected. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? Panning the camera manually through the x/y coordinates does not exhibit this artifact.
  7. Nice! Impressive in 24 hours too. I don't know how faithful to the original game you want to be, but I thought it was sometimes kind of difficult to see where you respawn in the heat of the action. Maybe make the player's ship flash when respawning or something? A minor technical issue: my laptop's keyboard does not register space, up and left being pressed simultaneously, so it'd be nice to be able to rebind the shoot key. I have no idea how prevalent this issue is, though; it worked fine for me after plugging in an external keyboard.