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  1. yes, this mean we should update this tutorials to clarify the normal maps statement.
  2. At least my normal map is DirectX format. here is a screenshot about the setting in substance designer so i believe babylonjs not following DirectX format.
  3. but why don't we just follow the same way as DirectX or OpenGL?
  4. thank you for you help, , but i find out some face of the cube's high light on these are not right .(the light is from the top, so i think the high light should on the top as well. and here is only one light in the scene. here is the PG showing the problem: http://babylonjs-playground.com/#10I31V#81 thanks
  5. Hello, the image from the substance designer, the problem is the rust display in the wrong way, this is the way it should be but in babylonthe rust display on a flat layer , not in 3d place
  6. thanks , the problem solved, but another problem raised the parallax occlusion not working as expect, it should looks like this but in babylon it looks like this this is the PG showing the problem http://babylonjs-playground.com/#10I31V#35 (not fix the parallax yet, so maybe you cant see the albedotexture )
  7. when using pbrmaterial with parallax enabled , the albedoTexture gone, and here is a PG showing the problem :http://babylonjs-playground.com/#10I31V#27 according to tutorials said : A diffuse texture is required for using parallax mapping. so how do i use parallax in pbr?