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  1. whoops! sounds like a server maintenance problem. Sorry about that.
  2. Thx for the comments! @dian About the rank, is to show your level to the other players. Now we have also implemented medals. Yup, super slime is invencible (but not to katanas) We keep working to improve the lag problems. @Oli414 Thanks, we take note.
  3. Many thanks for the feedback! We take note of the suggestions
  4. Hi! We are Lubiterum, an indie spanish studio. We've published our first ".io" game and we are looking for feedback http://slaim.io Slaim.io is a fast-action competitive arcade game in which you play as a slime armed with a gun and a katana and try to kill the other players round after round. Features: Skill-based gameplay Compete round after round with up to 8 players per room Simple and addictive game mechanics, even a slime can play it! Optimized netcode for fast smooth slime-action Cute pixel aesthetic and old school game feel for retro lover
  5. I'm new here as well. I've a small studio with some friends and we've started doing HTML5 games. We want to launch our first project this month and we are looking into monetizing options. We've contacted with an advertising network and they work with user adquisition campaigns so you need a very sucessful game to get your investment back plus make some money. There's also Adsense for Games but I guess that you need a good minimum of users. So, what do you guys recommend to start monetizing your game? Send your game to as many sponsors/publishers as possible? We are not interested in selli
  6. Wow nice work, very immersive, it would be awesome in VR
  7. Very nice aesthetic and good concept. Playing with keyboard is best for me.
  8. segatasan


    Hi! I've been reading this forum for a while, very interesting stuff I've a small indie studio with some friends and we are starting to develop html5 games. Glad to be here!
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