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  1. @samme thanks, it work. However getImage is so slow that it looses the the whole point of using it as performance optimization. Actually re-rendering everything from scrach is event faster than using getImage. Maybe you have any other ideas?
  2. Hey I am building quite huge tile map from hexagons. Basically for performance reasons I create single render texture and add a lot of sprites,and texts to it. It takes quite a lot of time to do so, but I get higher FPS and that texture is pretty much static. However there is another layer on top of this, which is dynamic, if I add another render texture to the game, FPS drops, so if I render everything to single texture FPS is still OK, however when dynamic part changes I need to rerendering whole texture and that takes too much time. So I was thinking to generate static texture and cache/clone it in the memory, and compose with with dynamic texture, the composition would take a bit of time, but end result - single texture would let me keep stable FPS. So when dynamic texture changes I would need to only render dynamic texture and compose it with already cached static texture, but not sure is it possible at all?
  3. Hello, Currently I'm working on my game environment. So I found and bought low poly but quite large forest scene. Almost everything works fine except that when moving camera around some trees are rendered in wrong order. I actually don't have a clue what could be wrong. Is it a model? or maybe some properties of the mesh or whole scene is set wrong? Adding a screenshot of the scene and the bug.
  4. Sorry for not responding for so long. I solved my problem with changing game logic a bit, to not get stuck on this problem. I'm using serial animations blending and it works fine, but i was talking about parallel animations. I found Three.js demo of such thing: Cheers, Lukas
  5. Hello guys, I'm moving on with my scene and I got stuck on skeleton animations. I have situation when my soldier model is running and while running animation is playing (or any other animation) he is being hit. The results of such situation is that running animation is stopped and hit animation starts playing, while my model is still moving forwards. So I have few different options here: Stop model movement and continue run animation when hit animation finishes Blend two animations with different weights. I know that this is possible with Three.js' animation mixer but I could not get it to work with babylonjs is this even possible? Any other thoughts? I was going thought this forum but I only found topics on blending when one animation changes other animation.
  6. Hello, Thanks for your help! It seemed to much work to export this model (at least for the rookie) so we decided to buy premium model and work with it. However if you have easier solution on how to fix this kind of issues it might be useful for someone else though. Thanks!
  7. Hey! Looks good Do not care about the textures right now So can you guide me how you did export the model? Because currently I wrote monstrous script that uses .fbx > .babylon converter and then concats bones animations from different files to single skeleton ( Terrible )
  8. Hey guys, @gryff, I was using 4.6.* before. Now I tried exporting with 5.0.7. It did not allow me to export the model at first (as you said), after applying transformations it finally allowed. However the animations are still all over the place. About the bones count, I'm not going to decrease number of bones, because I'm a noob at the blender and 3D modeling in general. And this model is for our MVP version, so we are going to buy more detailed and more complex model later on. So I'm not completely clear if I'm still doing something wrong or it is impossible to export that kind of model from blender (because of the bones count)? I tried playing with 3ds max. It exported model and animation correctly, but problem with it is that I can only import one animation from .fbx file. I also tried fbx to babylon coverter, but it seems it has the same problem - you can select only one animation :| I'm now confused for which tool should I spend more time investigating how to export this model. Maybe someone of you could set the necessary options and upload the .blend file here? Thanks, Lukas
  9. @gryff Thanks guys, I feel that this community cares Of course I can. It is just over 5mb so cannot add directly here, but here is the link to the zipped blend file:
  10. Hello guys, Just started using babylon JS more than a week ago at work. Everything was going quite smooth so far. However I am struggling to export .babylon file from blender. Most probably it's because I have pretty much no experience with blender and 3D models in general. The mesh gets exported correctly but the main problem is with animations/animations actions, when I import .babylon file to the babylon engine and start any of the animations the mesh goes all over the place... I add .fbx file and .babylon file I get when I export it form blender. I hope someone can help me. I really need a help on this one. ArmyPilot_babylon.rar ArmyPilot_fbx.rar