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  1. wow last time I used blend for web, was a little expensive to get the whole engine, babylonis good but I think you may be right probably B4W is more advanced now, than exporting on unity , show some sample to see how it goes thanks
  2. Yeah man, I know but you are getting there; I still want to work on the animations with the exporter let me know if I can do it like unity does and is exportable. I wish I can help you more but I only know so much to help you. anyways, so far so good, I wish it was a toolkit for Unreal hell yeah jajaja but is not
  3. Hey Bro I have been busy with unreal But I still trying to use the Babylon exporter is amazing, I have been trying to connect my apps to a plugin but the plugin don't support HTTPS only HTTP and somebody is working o an OpenSSL solution but still no sign of getting fixed yet , anyways how is this going did you still developing the exporter, do you have new features ?
  4. Hey man I see you still have issues with this engine, I just download the last version of unity and put the exporter toolkit and it's working for me as far as deploying one simple scene, let me know if I can be of any help
  5. @MackeyK24 this is what IM talking about man
  6. Ok @MackeyK24 , can you please send me the link for the video where you explain animations, Im back trying to animate the Whale and some other character but I dont remember the steps is it this one I think Animation working after MAYA re-skin
  7. Ok Thanks for the light map tip I got it, as for the Visual studio I use it some times to debug things that happens while Im exporting that how I use it. For terrain I just add a new terrain and I get Exception: Terrain texture atlas packing list mismatch. So I will wait for you to fix the terrain issues, In the mean time I will play with the other features such as the character controller and the materials, also please let me know how to use the new tools to optimize the scene
  8. @MackeyK24 I'm having issues with the terrain but when I remove it, it all works fine so far so please check this issues and tell me what do you think how to disable the light map baking I dont like to wait alll the time for the baking just to test an scene so I want o disable and enable IM getting an error in my Microsoft Visual Studio about FreeImageAPI When attaching to unity. Error CS0246 The type or namespace name 'FreeImageAPI' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) Baby-tolkit C:\Users\cvega.BI\Documents\UNITY-PRJTS\Baby-tolkit\Assets\Babylon\Scripts\ExporterCubemaps.cs 9 Active. Im getting an error on the Unity console on candy-land's terrain DivideByZeroException: Division by zero Unity3D2Babylon.Tools.SplitTerrainData (UnityEngine.Terrain parentTerrain, Int32 splitFactor) (at Assets/Babylon/Scripts/Tools.cs:3826)
  9. Hey Man I created a new project, and now its all working thanks. I also upgrade my typescript version and my node.js was already the latest .. Is play time for me this weekend so I will be texting you later thank you @MackeyK24
  10. @MackeyK24 Ok is working now on the latest version I will play with it and text you soon --UPDATE - so I add an scene-manager script to an empty game-object - I add a camera-rig script but when I export I compiling typescript I get an error please see my setting maybe I got something wrong
  11. @MackeyK24 ok bro let try and text you later thank you
  12. @MackeyK24 Ok man IM a little lost how to start working with this new version
  13. Hey @MackeyK24 do you have any videos, also what unity version does it run? I try 5.5 but the menu does not come out.
  14. I have not seen that one hahaha I will review it soon
  15. Hey @CarlBateman the link is this one please @MackeyK24 correct me but I'm sure is this one
  16. any updates on this ? @CarlBateman
  17. hey @CarlBateman I have the same issues when I upload fbx files to the mixamo rigging tool, so far it work only from the objects you download from mixamo directly, then use the maya art tool to clean the mesh here is a video
  18. Nice thanks for saving us time bro..
  19. Nice @Nesh108 can you send me some link to learn that way too, I was wondering how that performs compare to babylonjs , so if you have links or guide please post the links for me to check it out
  20. He @Nesh108 what up bro, about the toolkit, my friend @MackeyK24 just finish the toolkit version 3 and is gonna be off-the hook, follow this post we are waiting for him to release it and do the docs is something we have to work on so if you want to get on board just follow this post and watch the videos below, the current src code is here from babylon repo in github, if you need help with the install let me know splat map game made in unity maya
  21. Bro @MackeyK24 I will be happy to help you with the format of the docs I use to do the mark up ; I set up a google drive so we can drop and share files to review there. I also set up a JIRA board for you to put tasks there , is easier for communication purposes So have a great trip to Maui ans ttyl