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  1. Hi @Temechon How are you,.I purchase the babylon.js  book and the code samples so please point me in the book how I do this je je , by the way thanks for making book for your help in advance.

    ABOUT ME : Im a javascript programmer with experience in angular and js framework, but I'm new to blender and the 3D World (1 month using blender), I love babylon it's all in javascript.

    I have been working with many 3D SDK's and platforms, but all comes to the same problem, animation issues.

    I try Blend4Web but they want $999 for the technical support and there is little info about sample code, but they have an addon that exports JSON/Bin files  and if I bake every single mesh animation it will work but I think it crashes blender after baking 10 parts of the mesh a 720 frames each.



    then I try Play-Canvas (adult content) , it has VR camera ready and you can upload FBX files, so what I use to do is to Upload an FBX files for the mesh and another FBX with mesh and animations,  I delete it all in the one with the animation  and I use the just animation combined with the FBX with no animation and it works, but the platform is that it do not  accept may polygons meshes and you have to decimate making this more difficult and time consuming but works.

    I would like to try the previous method in blender but I dont know how can I combine the FBX files with the animation exported in a separate FBX in blender, so I can repeat this process on playcanvas .

    MY METHOD SO FAR so I also I import an alembic file

    Finally I created a .babylon file using alembics with cache vertex animation, , 


    here is information links for my files 


     it possible to do it with an vertex animation cache , meaning with out bones like an alembic file, I import the file into blender the animation plays well but I try the animated and its no working

    I created a .babylon file and added the animation attributes, e.g.' autoAnimate ... ' see below, then I drop the file in the sandbox

        "autoAnimate": true,
        "autoAnimateFrom": 0,
        "autoAnimateTo": 50,
        "autoAnimateLoop": true

    I tried before CTRL + A and add location, rotation, scale, and it worked on a simple animation

    I repeat the same with my files and it does not work :( 


    the files are big so please download it from this links the first one is the alembic the other ones are FBX and a BVH to capture the animation and also below I put pictures of my export options and the cube babylon code animated ready , ,