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  1. On 10/5/2018 at 9:00 PM, razieh said:

    So I have to stuck until you create the tutorial.... and then begin to start with unity package

    I found a new framework as I said blend4web ... I found a lot of tutorials on youtoub... every expert persons in this framework have own blog and they teach step by step stuffs... now I can create realistic material and scene play sound(the cool Thing in Sound is the Volume depends in how Far is it from camera),play animation and create a web vr ... and I learned all of them in one or two days... it used html and json and JavaScript... it has physics and loading is good enough....and I can teleport camera very smoothly and nice  But I have to find out  the gazing event in web vr.... beacuse it doesn't have any pointer in web vr view... 

    I don't know Babylon has a parser for json or not .... I don't like asking a lot and run before person and I'm not a person who like to write a lot... it's for me boring

    But I can easily use it in aframe too ... beacuse it used html and JavaScript... 

    And when I used Babylon in blender and export it as babylon ....I lose my materials and the light was limited to just 3 but in this new one I can have a lot of light🦊

    I don't give up beacuse I have to write my master these 🐌🐌🐌

    I have to find some frame work that gives me all of my needs without stuck into it... I just have 6 month not my whole life

    wow last time I used blend for web, was a little expensive to get the whole engine, babylonis good but I think you may be right probably B4W is more advanced now, than exporting on unity , show some sample to see how it goes thanks 

  2. 42 minutes ago, MackeyK24 said:

    Because for me, MOST everything has to do with movement. Character Creation and Animation was my main reason for trying to create this toolkit. I get that there other basic stuff... which is all in there and Documented as best I can. I guess I am referring to more Character gameplay mechanics... and I’m guess I’m just old and stubborn... I want it working right before I make any training videos...

    With that being said, I am always willing to help others with getting their projects up and running .

    Also been very busy working on my next gen Scene Content Export tooling... called WebGL Canvas Tools... think of it like a Toolkit for OpenGL / GLTF scene content that supports native Unity MetaData

    Yeah man, I know but you are getting there; I still want to work on the animations with the exporter let me know if I can do it like unity does and is exportable. I wish I can help you more but I only know so much to help you.

    anyways, so far so good,  I wish it was a toolkit for Unreal hell yeah jajaja but is not 

  3. 2 hours ago, MackeyK24 said:

    Yo Cesar ... Long time no see bro 🙂

    Hey Bro I have been busy with unreal But I still trying to use the Babylon exporter is amazing, I have been trying to connect my apps to a plugin but the plugin don't support HTTPS only HTTP and somebody is working o an OpenSSL solution but still no sign of getting fixed yet , anyways how is this going did you still developing  the exporter, do you have  new features ? 

  4. 1 hour ago, Nodragem said:

    Mmmh... I wanted to try your solution, but since I re-opened the project, I get this error when try to run the Scene:

    Unable to load from scenes/SampleScene.babylon: Error in onSuccess callback


    Hey man I see you still have issues with this engine, I just download the last version of unity and put the exporter toolkit and  it's working for me as far as deploying one simple scene, let me know if I can be of any help  



  5. On 2/15/2017 at 2:38 AM, Brett Paterson said:

    FMOD Studio is a cross platform API with a low level component (loads all sound formats, plays them via channels, allows DSP effects, geometry, 3d sound etc) and the FMOD Studio tool API which interfaces with FMOD Studio audio creation tool.  More information here has information about the implementation

    there are some audio demos at and

    Any questions let me know.


    @MackeyK24 this is what IM talking about man 

  6. 2 hours ago, MackeyK24 said:

    Terrains are funky in that version... With that being said, still should compile. Make sure you have applied at least one texture to your terrain.


    Ok @MackeyK24 , can you please send me the link for the video where you explain animations, Im back trying to animate the Whale and some other character but I dont remember the steps 

    is it this one I think


    Animation working after MAYA re-skin

  7. 4 minutes ago, MackeyK24 said:

    Disable 'Auto-Generate' on the Unity Lighting Panel... Then you must Manually click 'Generate Lighting' before your main build.


    Unless you are debgging the actual toolkit C# code for some reason or your are creating custom C# unity functionality of your own to add to Export process...

    there should be NO NEED to debug C# code at all... You are NOT making ANY KIND of Unity C# game or project... The C# code that the toolkit uses is to EXPORT data from game objects in the current scene. There SHOULD BE NO RUNNING of any C# code (Beside what the Editor does to prepare babylon scene content)..

    Again... unless you are debugging some custom code that runs in the editor at design time (which is only relevant if it is doing something to do with preparing game objects in the current scene that are to be exported) OR you are debugging the toolkit api itself... 

    In which case simply add reference to FreeImageNet.dll located in the /Assets/Babylon/Plugin/Utilities folder


    Dunno here, except to say that does not look like a good terrain in the picture, also the Alpha Version you 3.1.044 has issues with the terrain shader, it still should compile, but I not finish working on terrain ... there are a couple of features that still need work, they are listed in the original announcement for the toolkit ... my latest version (which you dont have yet... 3.1 beta is not working with toolkit yet... for some reason 3.1 beta SLOWS DOWN when using cannon... once that issue is fixed I will release a 3.1 beta... unity then the toolkit still uses 3.1 alpha) :(


    Ok Thanks for the light map tip I got it, as for the Visual studio I use it some times to debug things that happens while Im  exporting that how I use it.

    For terrain I just add a new terrain and I get Exception: Terrain texture atlas packing list mismatch.  

    So I will wait for you to fix the terrain issues, In the mean time I will play with the other features such as the character controller and the materials, also please let me know how to use the new tools to optimize the scene 

  8. @MackeyK24 I'm having issues with the terrain but when I remove it, it all works fine so far so please check this issues and tell me what do you think

    1.  how to disable the light map baking  I dont like to wait alll the time for the baking just to test an scene so I want o disable  and enable 
    2. IM getting an error in my Microsoft  Visual Studio about FreeImageAPI When attaching to unity.
      Error    CS0246    The type or namespace name 'FreeImageAPI' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)    Baby-tolkit    C:\Users\cvega.BI\Documents\UNITY-PRJTS\Baby-tolkit\Assets\Babylon\Scripts\ExporterCubemaps.cs    9    Active.Capture2.thumb.JPG.628e001df967a8ce6da130e6ba9134db.JPG
    3. Im getting an error on the Unity console on candy-land's terrain  DivideByZeroException: Division by zero
      Unity3D2Babylon.Tools.SplitTerrainData (UnityEngine.Terrain parentTerrain, Int32 splitFactor) (at Assets/Babylon/Scripts/Tools.cs:3826)
    4.  Capture.thumb.JPG.2e3b91aaccb89b84bec83353045e0c9b.JPG


  9. 5 hours ago, MackeyK24 said:



    What is module.js and what is bootstrap_node.js... If that is from typescript...


    Try and make sure on an updated version of typescript

    Get new Node.js update first (to update the node and npm)

    Configure optional Runtime Script Compiler locations. You can download and install or update the current Node Runtime to the default location. Then use node package manager to install or update the latest TypeScript Compiler to the default location.

    Install TypeScript Command

    Mac OSX: sudo npm install -g typescript
    Windows: npm install -g typescript

    ALSO... DONT PUT ANY .JS in the assets folder of your unity game project... if you need to package raw javascript in the game project assets folder... 

    RENAME .js to .bjs ... The toolkit will then include the .bjs file into the main project.babylon.js.


    Hey Man I created a new project, and now its all working thanks. I also upgrade my typescript version and my node.js was already the latest ..

    Is play time for me this weekend so I will be texting you later thank you  @MackeyK24 

  10. On 11/4/2017 at 5:13 AM, MackeyK24 said:

    Those are not really scripts intended to be part of toolkit... that just me farting around with using the the Character Controller (which is apart of toolkit).

    Thats the code you would create yourself to handle your character...

    My First TestPlayer controller was just me trying to mess around with basic movement and using the built in BabylonJS Follow Camera... Really simple, not really a production ready type class/component... But here you are:



    My next version is me playing around with my own camera rigging... Using mesh as a camera Holder with pivot child... that way I can simply move the main camera holder with player and rotate the pivot for LOOK AND TURN... Give a better ThirdPerson Camera Feel ... Especially when not moving... then can rotate the camera all around for LOOKING... when start moving... Snaps to moving direction, then rotate control the turn...

    Again these are just me playing around, but here you go:




    Have at it :)


    Jajaja very nice I will check it out soon ...

  11. 2 minutes ago, MackeyK24 said:

    Did you try cleaning up with m Maya Art Tools... That usually works for me... I am able to clean up and RESKIN many models wheather I make them myself with something like Fuse or use ANY of the Mixamo Models... Just need to clean up (AND MAKE SURE YOU UV SETS ARE CLEAN UP)...

    Better to have ONE main UV set... If you have a BUNCH of UV sets... Use the Reskin Tool... Enter a UV Set Name (example: map1 or even myuvs.. anything really)

    Then RESKIN the model... ALL ups will get MERDGED into the one you named... THEN DELETE ALL THE OTHER UVS On THE RESKIN VERSION keeping only the one you named and making it the DEFAULT UV SET... Sometimes you gotta fiddle fiddle with removing the current DEFAULT UVset if named differently ythan the one you entered... I think I made a video showing this a while ago... Ask @MrVR for the link :)


    Hey @CarlBateman  the link is this one please @MackeyK24 correct me but I'm sure is this one

  12. 3 hours ago, MackeyK24 said:

    Just make a regular unity game... set the project type webgl/ html5... then build... use so you know... unity really makes a c++ (via emscripten) port of your game. BabylonJS games are native HTML5 based webgl games... you will see big differences in loading... you have to use their C# unity API to get JavaScript access if you need any native web access to your game... it very klunky... and the worst thing... god forbid you actually get some kind of runtime error in the browser... you will some long C++ emscriptem error... sometimes with no message at all... i and I really don't like the long C++ emscripten runtime compile (not the shader compile) but actually compiling the game code in browser (which fails on my mac most of the time) ... and it uses this big typed array that you define at runtime... say like 1gig ... that your game binary really runs in...

    In short... you get a much cleaner, faster and richer runtime experience going native JavaScript HTML5 and webgl API ... which BabylonJS wraps up real nicely... but by all means try it out yourself and see 😊

    Nice thanks for saving us time bro.. 

  13. 12 minutes ago, Nesh108 said:

    Good stuff @MrVR. I am currently working on my own videogame and I am planning to release the first demo in a bit, I might try to use this tool and see how it compares to the WebGL exporter provided by Unity. :D 

    Nice @Nesh108 can you send me some link to learn that way too, I was wondering how that performs compare to babylonjs , so if you have links or guide please post the links for me to check it out 

  14. He @Nesh108 what up bro,

    about the toolkit, my friend @MackeyK24 just finish the toolkit version 3 and is gonna be off-the hook, follow this post we are waiting for him to release it and do the docs is something we have to work on so if you want to get on board 

    just follow this post  and watch the videos below, the current  src code is here  from babylon repo in github, if you need help with the install let me know


    splat map

    game made in unity



  15. 11 hours ago, MackeyK24 said:

    I will need a little help in taking my text files I wrote for the documentation and better format all that text into the Babylon markdown files... example... I don't know how to do the page links, URL links and table of contents... so for now I just outline format all the documentation in text files...


    Bro @MackeyK24 I will be happy to help you with the format of the docs I use to do the mark up ; I set up a google drive  so we can drop  and share  files to review there.

    I also set up a JIRA board for you to put tasks there , is easier for communication purposes

    So have a great trip to Maui ans ttyl :D