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  1. Hi Guys, I created this post hoping to find people interested in helping on the development and documentations of the unity toolkit. The unity editor allows to put an scene together very easy and export it all ,(lights cameras, meshes etc) with out a line of code How this works? Well @MackeyK24 started developing in visual studio the exporter tool and he saw a way to transform the camera , light or mesh from unity to babylon metadata, then later he add support for animations, splat maps painting, particles system and PBR materials, all of these trough the C# and the unity exporter. Furthermore, I join him on the project 6 months ago and I'm no as good as he is as developer but he took the time to show me and recorded videos to show people how to use it and improve it. I was not easy to pick it up if you dont have a strong object oriented programming skills winch most java script developer lack of, but this is an excellent way to learn or improve your coding skills So if you want to joins us and have some spare time to learn, please feel free to contact me, I can try to put you guys up to speed so we can continue with this great tool for development
  2. hello my friends I'm back friend @MackeyK24 is being busy as well but helpfully he will be back soon... so if you guys can give me an update in whats the status of the UNITY exporter I would appreciated, @Deltakosh is there a way to find more developers to be interested in working with us in the toolkit, apparently Mackey was the one doing pretty much the whole thing, but there are many things can be build and automate using the unity editor. Let me know anyone reading this post if you wish to help; we can provide the basics for debugging with visual studio 2015 and unity platform, there are also videos to start learning how th exporter works; I will volunteer to do video conference to show people how to continue the development from what was left Im sure Mackey has a newer version coming up but we still can create many new features using the current toolkit and reusable on the new one . TOOLKIT FEATURES The toolkit allow you to create and even paint you own terrains with houses trees etc.. BUT we need a way to transform the painted objects in unity to Babylon with the exporter. Mackey created a maya tool to fix the characters bone weights so you can animate , keyframe animations with the unity system ans transfer this into the babylon metadata file (need to be tested in Windows cause do not work well like in mac You can drop any 3d objects put lights (real or bake or mixed), create particles, and much more with out touching a line of code, and have an starting scene PSD: there is no documentation because all of this still under development but this is a very powerful editor that we should not overlook , any help would be appreciated and please be patient I do have a JOB like most of you so patient is key on this projects thanks
  3. Hey @MackeyK24 you can get my scene from this link it contains just the terrain on
  4. May be this tutorial from Raanan show what you are tell me I think about the sphere impostors
  5. Hi @MackeyK24 I did try to put a mesh collider into the terrain but is not working I get an error I ALSO TRIED with no luck let me know if you see what I'm missing here public start() :void { let terrain = this.scene.getMeshByName('Terrain'); terrain.checkCollisions = true; terrain.setPhysicsState({impostor:BABYLON.PhysicsEngine.MeshImpostor, move:false, mass:0, friction:0.5, restitution:0.1}); }
  6. use this this.manager.safeDestroy(this.mesh);
  7. Hi @MackeyK24 Hey I notice when I export the terrain I get to walk with the universal camera but for spheres and boxes is going through the ground , how can I add a mes-collider for the ground so the spheres roll downhill like in your last example ? var terrain = this.scene.getMeshByName('Terrain'); terrain.checkCollisions = true; But is not working things are going trough the ground, please tell me if know how to get it to work?
  8. @MackeyK24 to delete the mesh I use this this.manager.safeDestroy(this.mesh); but how to apply it to the collision system if I want to make the function safeDestroy () execute in the call back or what actions should I use? public start(): void { // The trigger is OnIntersectionEnterTrigger this.mesh.actionManager = new BABYLON.ActionManager(this.scene); var sphere = this.scene.getMeshByName('sphere'); var triggerOptions = { trigger: BABYLON.ActionManager.OnIntersectionEnterTrigger, parameter:sphere}; var action = new BABYLON.SetValueAction(triggerOptions, this.manager, 'safeDestroy',this.mesh); this.mesh.actionManager.registerAction(action); } // or maybe this will do it export class ExecuteCodeAction extends Action { constructor(triggerOptions: any, public func: (evt: ActionEvent) => void, condition?: Condition) { super(triggerOptions, condition); } public execute(evt: ActionEvent): void { this.func(evt); } }
  9. Jajaja yes I was looking at this last week, it is in my TODO list but before that I have to finish some stuff for the Unity exporter kit, please let me know if you get it to work but for sure this is a feature I'm dying to have
  10. hey @Wingnut, your my new buddy, you end countless nights of frustration of me figuring this thing out jajaja , I will try tonight in my candy land scene and report back. Thank you so much
  11. HI @Deltakosh, @MasterK, @MackeyK24 The toolkit its no ready PLEASE BE PATIENCE I have been testing and working on this for months but I need to go over a few things with @MackeyK24 before any docs are release, this will be available soon.
  12. Hi Guys can sombody helpme to make the VR camera follow the spline ? I try parenting the camera into a mesh that folllows the spline and the camera still on the ground. I change the camera But I can see yet why its not updating the position here is my // Target Cam // VR CAMERA INSTEAD***************************************************************************** var targetCam = new BABYLON.VRDeviceOrientationArcRotateCamera("tcam", camera.position, scene); // var targetCam = new BABYLON.TargetCamera("tcam", camera.position, scene); targetCam.setTarget(points[t]); scene.activeCamera = targetCam; var target = BABYLON.Vector3.Zero(); // animation scene.registerBeforeRender(function() { //followCam._computeViewMatrix(); points[i].addToRef(curvect.scale(k / step), pos); points[j].addToRef(nextvect.scale(k / step), target); pos.addInPlace(norms[i]); targetCam.position = pos; targetCam.setTarget(target); targetCam.getViewMatrix(); //wagon.position = pos; //wagon.rotation = rot; k++; // next segment if (k == step) { i = (i + 1) % lg; j = (i + 1) % lg; t = (i + dt) % lg; rot = BABYLON.Vector3.RotationFromAxis(tgts[i], norms[i], binorms[i]); points[j].subtractToRef(points[i], curvect); points[t].subtractToRef(points[j], nextvect); //curvect.normalize(); //nextvect.normalize(); k = 0; } }); return scene;
  13. Hey man @MasterK I made it work last night, to fix it make sure anything you bring from unity you change the shader to the speculator PBR also to and make sure you have PRECOMPUTE Realtime GI off and all lights MIX no baking no real time MIX ... let me kn ow if that helps
  14. Cool man, so for Gear VR might be support in a near future. In order to start developing I should get the oculus rift or the HTC, which one do you recommended base on anything else besides price wise? I dont have an oculus ready computer and I dont know the specifications for HTC so if you can advice one or the other I would appreciated.
  15. WOW finally my dream come true, @MackeyK24 let me know if you update the UNITY tool kit with the new library so we can use this new features. I'm going to test this as soon as I get the oculus touch basically I just need the controls and GEARVR is good or do you need to have the HTC VIBE or the OCULUS RIFT HMD? I saw on the videos samples with Oculus (basket game by @RaananW !! awesome job BTW ) and the HTC (esponza video by @davrous) so if I try with my gear VR will work (maybe not)? or you need the cameras and the oculus touch controls as well with the HMD?? I have to purchase my set soon so please let me now what is the best set for developing should be using or any is enough (GEARVR, OCULUS, HTC VIbe) whats your favorite ?
  16. Hey @MasterK how are you, I see the light maps, I'M having the same issues, when I bake try to bake just spot lights and put them as mix, I think the mix mode bakes the lights for static meshes and also does real light interaction on dynamics meshes please @MackeyK24 confirm this info about he mix and bake options. So Tonight I will delete my project folder because I think is reusing the light maps even when I disable the baking. make sure you have this on for the light baking , and as soon as I figure how to light the rest of the stuff I will send you a sample fully baked, But the new toolkit will come soon with this fixes, Im stock on the documentation about this because Mackey had change many things for better on the toolkit .
  17. Hey @David78 do you have a guide to do the rigging and weight painting ? IM having issues as well with sea animal and quadrupeds animal
  18. Kool lets wait for the new updates, for now I just put my phone the other way around so it does not open the app but I want to make it work in the GEAR VR as well , I cant wait for this je je
  19. Hi @Deltakosh @RaananW,, @juanmajr93 is there any update on the webVR support , I want to use my gear vr but I'm not sure how to display my content into the GEARVR application on the Samsung S7 is there any docs in how this will work? sholud I use the Oculus App's browsers or how do you display the gearvr content and how is this different from the VRDeviceOreientations cameras?
  20. Hey man. so what do you want to do is a pre-compile materials library using the shaders programs from babylon?
  21. Nice men, I as well have a new Spline tool to create bezier paths and export the points to Babylon. helpfully will be complete it by the toolkit release . Im gonna start testing all this features right way ..
  22. Hey man, so did the code work or you need it a more like playground example?? I have many samples of shaders that I'm currently working on to create an standard shader to choose from and combined different materials and options, here is my first PBR material shaders but I stop doing this because I'm using the shader program @MackeyK24 created on the unity toolkit. so I put this together with the unity toolkit. if you want to work on this and need help let me know send me a PM may I can help