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  1. Ok yeah, it's much more logical to set paths this way Thanks ! And to get local .json files ?
  2. Thanks for your answer. I found a partial solution. My json was valid (by http://jsonlint.com/) so I tried to make a jsfiddle, and it worked ! https://jsfiddle.net/charlesboury/ucez4ge8/15/. The only difference with what I was doing is that the json file isn't found locally anymore, but hosted on a server (in that case on dropbox). ***BUT*** Now I have a very strange bug, as you can see in the jsfiddle: some css doesn't work (namely : background-color of body). It comes from the line 7 (the css comes back if I remove it) : playground({paths:{data:"https://dl.dropboxuserconte
  3. Hello ! I'm using Playground.js, and I'm looking for a place to share knowledge and games made with it. I'm making a little Zelda1 clone, but with nicer graphics. It will look like that : I use JS objects to store data about animations. Basically it's a list of values for each property, through time. I wanted to put this data in an external .json file, and use this.loadData("myFile"). But I get error messages : Firefox 49 says the json is "not well-formed" each time I call the function, but it works after, just pollute the console. Chrome 54 is more angry,
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