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  1. @Wingnut @Deltakosh @Raggar It works! thank you guys so much for the help!
  2. Hi, I am trying to make a goalkeeper game, which require goalkeeper mesh body to be able to "block" any football that hit toward him. The best would be the mesh collider that represent the goalkeeper to be reasonably precise while not being overkill, so I created boxes, set their physics imposter, and attach them to each bone. which look like this: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#SRR6Y2#1 however, I don't know how to make each box collidable to the falling sphere, did I miss anything, or does it require more complex way of implementation?
  3. Hi, sorry if this is a stupid question, for now is it possible to update a GUI Button's image after its creation? I created a button with function GUI.Button.CreateImageWithCenterTextButton(name,text,imageUrl), and I notice the third parameter is an image url, I checked with the documentation https://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/gui but it does not mention any property name that I can use to set image url.
  4. Hi, I know this should not be BabylonJS issue, just intend to aware people that Lenovo Phab 2 Pro may have canvas rendering issue. I am using chome to open the webpage, while firefox and opera had no problem displaying the 3D scene. below are screenshots of webpage with webgl content: The Sponza Demo: www.babylonjs.com/demos/sponza/ The Espilit Demo: https://www.babylonjs.com/demos/espilit/ The Instances Demo: https://www.babylonjs.com/demos/instances/ And all ThreeJS projects I had viewed so far have this issue too: Lasertown: http://oletus
  5. @Deltakosh the Sponza scene loads perfectly on the iphone 6 that previously having issue loading my page. And in fact, I just enable offline support by setting up the manifest file. And unexpectedly, after I did that, error's gone, I am able to enter the scene again, but I am uncertain about how reliable this is as it took me a few times of clear cache and reload to finally enter the scene. Also, regarding the offline support, may i ask, will clear cache also remove offline resource? Once I clear cache, do I have to change the version number in manifest file in order to download
  6. hi @Deltakosh, the gzip compression is on, and after I convert .babylon file into .incremental.babylon file, same link: the first few time i am finally able to enter the scene using iphone 6 safari, but as I tested again for a few more times(every time I clear safari cache before open the webpage again), more errors shows out, an error similar as previous one shows up again: Error status: 0 - Unable to load fileRoot/myScene.someOfMySceneMeshName.babylonmeshdata I am surprise as there are some of the .babylonmeshdata tha
  7. Hi everyone, I am working on a scene that requires import meshes from .babylon file, most of the time I debug the scene on android mobile browser, and I got this error while trying to load the scene in iphone 5 & 6 (ios 10.2.1 up to date)safari browser: Error status: 0 - Unable to load myfile.babylon this is the link of the webpage I have no problem loading the scene on desktop, android mobile browser(chrome, firefox, opera), however, when I try to load the scene on iphone 6, most of the times I encounter the above erro
  8. Hi @davrous sorry for all the misleading information that I provided here, turns out I did not switch on the physical sound mode switch, I had no problem hearing the sounds now, thank you.
  9. hi @davrous, sorry for the lack of information, the thing is, I am certain that the sound is on, we had the volume check before and during accessing the website, and we had already added user input to play sound, below are the results: 1. on android mobile chrome browser - no need user input, all autoplay sound play flawlessly. 2. on iphone safari browser(not webapp, I am not opening the website link on home screen) - require first tap on screen to enable sound, after that sounds played properly. 3. on iphone webapp(when I said open in web app mode, what I mean is opening t
  10. Hi everyone, i was trying to pause a scene when the browser window is not active(eg. user switches tab, ctrl/cmd+tab, another window is currently focus,etc). To pause the scene, i need the background music and all animations to be paused, below playground example shows my approach: http://babylonjs-playground.com/#1MZCTQ I got two results: 1. when I click on another window(for example a notepad) that overlapped the browser, the notepad is now focus and the browser is blur, hence both sound and animation are paused, this is expected; 2. when I ctrl/cmd+tab or manu
  11. @Wingnut hi, I understand the growing BJS community and it is reasonable for questions being missed sometimes. And as the GearVR is currently not with me, I will test it on tomorrow morning(I currently stay in Singapore, it is now 12.01am). But based on my previous trial and error, there is something I am certain about while testing BJS WebVRFreeCamera with Samsung Internet using GearVR: 1. the device is certain in webvr mode during the testing ( I have seen the "WebVR is not enabled on your browser" error before when I first tried on GearVR,but that is because I have to manually typ
  12. hi everyone, sorry for pushing this up, just wondering if anyone has also tried to convert babylonjs scene into webvr experience specifically in GearVR's Samsung Internet? As I use GearVR to view a babylon demo that features webVRFreeCamera: http://david.blob.core.windows.net/babylonjs/SponzaVR/index.html but the camera doesn't work, and I was wondering the usability of WebVRFreeCamera in GearVR. Thank you.
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