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  2. Racing Game A simple racing game. Play in 2-Player mode (standard) or race vs. computer drivers (CPU). Controls: Player 1: Arrow-Keys (down for item) Player 2: WASD (S for item)
  3. I've just made the gravity level easier to let everyone see the other levels. In the whole game there are more than 15 different obstacles to see!
  4. Minesweeper Simple like the original. Use a long tap / shift click to mark a bomb and a normal tap/mouseclick to open a field. (Pinch to Zoom is implemented as Beta)
  5. Polyflyer Polyflyer is a polygon-based game which is developed from scratched. Typically for arcade games you need to finish all levels. No long text, just try: Controls: Arrow keys, Space and Alt (ingame language is German)