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  1. Pretty sweet, the gameplay was intens and fun. Died a lot but I that's probably because I haven't spend enough time in the game yet. I'd say that the text can be a bit hard to read. I feel like the font is a bit hard to read and thus doesn't really work for a game where you can't just simply stand to the side and take your time to read what's on the screen. I think that an eassier to read fon would be better. Other then that the game felt pretty smooth. Awesome work!
  2. This is pretty fun! I really like the graphics as well. My only complaint is that the context menu is shown when I right click in the game, might want to disable that. Edit: Woops nevermind, right click just does the same as a left click.
  3. Just quickly a short story before I begin with the description for this game: This game originally started as a graduation project, after graduating we started working on a new version. Worked on this new version for 6 months and never finished it. This is a great example of an overscoped project, however, we did manage to do quite a lot and that's why I'm sharing this game nonetheless since I think that some of you might find this interesting. UPDATE: Managed to scope it down a lot. At the time of writing this there'll be an update near the end of next week. This would bring Tuludo to the Minimal Viable Product that we should've defined better. From there we can start adding fun new features. Now that we got that out of the way: Tuludo is an online game create that is accessible for anyone. It is targeted towards kids who would like to create games but who do not know how to program. The goal of Tuludo is not to teach kids how to program, there're already plenty of websites doing that just fine. Tuludo's goal is rather to have fun with creating games. Features: Create levels by simply drawing tiles. Add interactions to levels using pre-built game objects. Change the behaviour and looks of game objects freely. Easy to understand action-reaction system that allows users to create their own logic for game objects. Save and publish games to share them with friends. Tuludo is of course made with Javascript and uses Matter.js for the physics. Mustache.js and jQuery were used to make the GUI interactions more doable. Other then that there's no engine used. The website itself is built using the Laravel framework. You can check out some of the demo games that were made: Adventure in the dark cave (Small platformer): https://tuludo.com/play/Z8QHSb Lava Tower (Vertical platformer with rising lava): https://tuludo.com/play/pxNPmT Legend of the Puzzle Temple ("Pushing blocks" puzzle game): https://tuludo.com/play/vVHpHz Or you can jump straight into the Editor to try it out yourself (No account or sign up required): https://tuludo.com/editor And if you really don't feel like doing anything you can simply watch this video that I once made (Which was never meant to be shared): So that's it. That's Tuludo. Thought some of you might like seeing it, it's nowhere near perfect but I and my team members learned a lot. Nonetheless, never overscope your projects kids. Let me know if you have any questions!
  4. Looks good for your first html5 game. Maybe you could try to add a game over screen instead of the alert you're using right now.
  5. Looks nice and clean. My only point of critque would be that the "Last Plays" and "Hall of fame" tables don't have matching hights for their rows. Did you use a framework for creating the website or did you make it from scratch?