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  1. @Deltakosh Thank you for your response, sir how to take difference between two quaternions ?
  2. Background: I am a newbie in game development I'm creating motion sensor game Air Table Tennis on Babylon.JS in which user can control the paddle of table tennis with his/her smartphone. I am using gyroscope/rotational data of mobile in the form of Quaternion to avoid Gimble Lock and sending the data to server(nodeJS). So Gyro data is coming from mobile through node JS. Problem: So, I am using Quaternion, But I am unable to map my paddle as my device. (paddle is not exactly in the position where my mobile is currently now, although moving on x,y,z axix give me correct result). So my question is how to calibrate/Map 3D object same as my mobile device? @wighawag@RaananW@Deltakosh Sir kindly help me, I'll be very thank ful. Thanks in Advance
  3. Thank you all for replying, My bad I meant "material", I want to dynamically dispose material and re create it whenever i detect collision
  4. How to dispose a material on run time and dynamically create again. I want when my sphere material collide with floor material my sphere material should dispose completely and I want to create a new sphere material again. @Deltakosh @Wingnut @Dad72
  5. Thanx alot @Wingnut... for all your support and answers... i disturb you alot and i reallyy feel sorryy for that... but whenever i need help ... you come to my mind before google... :D well..!!!! jokes a part... Actuallyy i am quite busy now a days ... so thats why i think i didn't express my knowledge right here in a right manner... but i i know i am learning alot... thanx friend.... =D =D
  6. @Wingnut i am waiting for the answer of this question not of audience.. kindly reply me as soon as possible... i did'nt get anything regarding this..
  7. @Wingnut i am waiting for your answer.... :( did you find anything..???
  8. thanx @aWeirdo for your support.. hope so it will help me..
  9. thanx @aWeirdo for answer.. but actually i am new to babylonJS. So i did'nt understand clearly that how skybox can help me make my audience...??? can you ealborate it more for me..?? ..pllzz.. And i did'nt find any good audience texture. can you help me where i can get that... ???
  10. Hello everyone... hope you all are fine... Actually i am making a multiplayer table tennis game in babylon. And i want to add some audience in my game like we see in the games before... So what is the best way to do it in babylon..??? i did'nt find any help regarding this on google.. so any help will be appreciated..
  11. okk @Wingnut... try to answer as soon as possible... until then i try to find some help regarding audience of my scene..
  12. hey @Wingnut... i have two more new queries.... 1) you know that i am making a multiplayer game. So can you help me that how i can sync the position of the Ball in both scene which are running on different browsers. while server is NodeJS with socket.io. 2) i want to add some audience in my scene like we see in multiplayer games. so how can i add it... ?? any help regarding this as well... thanx in advance..
  13. thanx @Wingnut... yes it helps me ... thanx alot.. Now i have another query for you. well..!!! i disturb you very much.. i am sorryy for that.. but i need help.. i want to set the mass of the sphere when i press L. And before that i want sphere to be still in a position. but when i set the physics imposter of the ball at L key event. sphere behaves like before. Means impulse is applied on the sphere. and ball goes up and don't come down. i have changed line 43 and added line 265. check it.. http://playground.babylonjs.com/#2H9MHN#46