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  1. Nice game, i think it's well polished and i have no complaints about graphics. Good luck with the game and the whole project.
  2. Holiday Trouble is updated, you have now option to enable "GHOST" medal. Ghost medal shows you how you are doing compared your best time in each level. NOTE. If you have played this game before, you have to clear browser cache to make ghosts work. It doesn't work with your previous record times. Try the game here http://www.jabadoogames.com Have a good day.
  3. Hello, thanks for trying my game and of your feedback. Yes game is a bit repititive, thats why it currently have 20 levels and not 50 :). Actually i was thinking of adding birds or bees that could puncture the float, but because you can move only one direction it would be difficult to avoid them. And because game is about your skills and trying to beat fastest times, i didn't want any random elements in it. But the ghost is actually very good idea, i play lot of racing games, so thats very familiar to me. That's something i definitely try to implement. Thanks for your suggestions and
  4. That was good read, i'll follow your journey closely, because i hope you eventually achieve your goals and because i'm kind of in the same situation myself. It would be fantastic to make games for living (as indie), but only few are able to do that, seems like sometimes everything else in life is against it. Time is the most crucial thing, the more you can spent time on making games and on the side stuff, the better you get with it. Well that doesn't guarantee anything no matter what, but at least we are doing what we love and thats the main thing. And any time spent on your passion is ne
  5. Hello, summer is here and so is my new HTML5 game Holiday Trouble. It's a skill based game where you try to free your float from tangled rope. Works on both mobile and desktop systems, supports different screen resolutions and lanquages. Play it online : http://www.jabadoogames.com/holiday trouble Google play store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jabadoo.holidaytrouble Also try my other games at http://www.jabadoogames.com Have a nice day.
  6. Hello, i just updated this game, now you can read zombies text better, they are inside black boxes. Also you can operate whole game with keyboard only, no need to even touch mouse, if you feel more comfortable just using keyboard. Here's keys that you can use: ENTER - start the game from main menu, continue after killed all zombies and clear "new wave" dialog. ESC - go back to main menu from game over screen. S - Toggle sound on/off. F - toggle fullscreen on/off.
  7. Hello, Thanks for testing it out, yes it's sudden death i'm affraid . Maybe you could buy a second chance with coins...?
  8. Hello Allen T, Thank for the feedback. 1. When i was testing the game, there was maybe one or two times when zombies overlapped the way it was hard to read texts. I will for sure implement some fix to that, now that it is a real problem. 2. I was between the two keys (Backspace and delete) during the development, i'll think about changing it. 3. Game was never supposed to work with keyboard, it is made for mobile first. I admit, that when you play with keyboard, it would be natural to use them in the menus etc. too. 4. Yeah that is bug, it should pause the game,
  9. Jabadoo


    Very nice game, fresh and innovative mechanics. Worked well on desktop Chrome and Opera mobile browsers, but on mobile Chrome (v. 54.0) the screen started to flicker wildly and eventually went black. Game still continued based on sounds when i tapped screen. Nice work.
  10. Hello, here's my new game ready for playing. This game is also available for non-exclusive licensing. Visit Jabadoogames.com Scratch photos of famous hollywood stars and quess who they are. Answer fast and receive speed bonus. Use coins to buy more time. PLAY NOW
  11. Thanks for pointing that out, there was something really weird going on with my sitelocking. It gave me the message on first time i started the game and next time it didn't. And it has worked well since i uploaded it days ago. Well it should be okay now. Hopefully you give it a another go .
  12. Hello @Jadegames, my website is on finnish hosting service (20€/year), but i assume you don't know finnish lanquage so i would recommend you Hostinger instead. I made website for my friend couple years ago and used Hostinger with it. As far as i remember we had no problems with it. Their free plan has 100GB data bandwith, 2GB disk space, PHP, MySQL etc. as expected. I had website briefly on x10Hosting.com looong time ago, but it had some problems (don't remember exactly what). Hope this helps.
  13. I agree with NePo, theres tons of free website templates around, just google search "free css templates" and free/cheap hosting services also. Just make sure you get enough data transfer per month, you dont want to run out of it when your game becomes a hit. ;-)
  14. Hello, another newbie here, but been reading forum for a long time. I have made mobile games on and off a few years, but since discovered HTML5 games im now focusing on these. Happy developing to everybody from me :-) .
  15. Hello world, First post here in html5gamedevs, but longtime reader, i just set up a new website and uploaded couple of games in there: www.jabadoogames.com. If you have spare time, please check the stuff out, any feedback is welcomed :). My games are also available for non-exclusive and exclusive licensing. Zombies are rising from their graves and are hungry, save yourself by shooting them with your shotgun by...TYPING. PLAY NOW
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