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  1. Thanks! Made the assets myself:) Just released a new version fixing some bugs and enhancing the visuals. Oh, and iOS version released as well!
  2. Just released this puzzle game. Try to flood the board with one color by tapping the buttons on the bottom of the screen. Feedback appreciated Play in browser! Android app!
  3. For some context, this is the game in the browser with working fonts: This is a screenshot of how it looks in the Cocoon developer app with broken fonts:
  4. I'm trying to build a native app with cocoon and canvas+ and have some trouble with the fonts. Everything works fine when running the game in a normal browser or in cocoon webview+. But in canvas+ mode, all text renders really small and pixelated. The code for the text: this.scoreText =, pos.y, "0", { font: "18px Arial", fontWeight: 'bold', fill: "#FFFFFF" }); this.scoreText.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0); I don't reference a .ttf or anything. Do I explicitly need to include an Arial font for it to work in canvas+ mode?
  5. For some context, this is the game: You can see the responsive nature of the game by resizing the browser window. By simply changing scalemode to SHOW_ALL, the graphics get crisp, but the responsiveness is lost. Any tips?
  6. You can create a Phaser.Text and attach listeners to it, like below: let textString: string = "Button text" let text =, 10, textString, { font: "20px Arial", fontWeight: 'bold', fill: "#FFFFFF" }); text.inputEnabled = true;, this); onTextButtonPressed is the listener callback where you handle the event.
  7. I have been searching around and it seems that to be able to support retina displays, the RESIZE scalemode cannot be used. Is this really the case? My game is dependent on the responsiveness and freedom the RESIZE scalemode provides. By setting the resolution according to window.devicePixelRatio, the resolution and the size of all game objects increases. When scaling the game objects down to their appropriate sizes, the click-listeners disappears or gets misplaced. Any nudge in the right direction is very much appreciated!