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  1. Ah, fair enough! I have enabled a bunch more countries, so it should be available now. I hope you like it!
  2. Thanks, I'm glad you like it!! It's actually available on android now, you can find it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arachnowopunk.revolution
  3. Hey everyone! This is a demo for a little game I have just finished: "Arachnowopunk" - an infinite-runner metroidvania. Instead of having complete freedom of movement, you have to strategically use the platforms to explore in the desired direction. Any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated! You can try it here: https://e1sif.itch.io/arachnowopunk (The game was coded in Haxe using OpenFl/Haxeflixel, but then exported to various platforms, including HTML5!)
  4. Thanks everyone! Just a quick update: keyboard (arrow key) controls were broken - they now have been fixed. Sorry for that!
  5. Hi everyone! This is my little game called 'Salvage', a sort of turn-based bullet-hell game (with inspiration from SuperHot). I hope you enjoy, and I would of course appreciate any feedback or comments you would be willing to spare! https://e1sif.itch.io/salvage
  6. I have an almost-complete HTML5 game called "The Jersey Shuffle" that I would love some feedback on! The gameplay is very basic, but what I am most curious is how well the controls/difficulty actually work. I have been working on it (and playing it) quite a bit, so I have lost my frame of reference for that sort of thing. So that's my main question: 1. Is it too hard/too easy? 2. Are the controls responsive/intuitive enough? 3. Does it get frustrating/repetitive due to the simplicity of the game? Thanks everyone!
  7. This is a little game about ships; it is quite simple, but I would certainly welcome any feedback, particularly about the difficulty and progression (or lack thereof?). Here it is!
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