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  1. This messy thing, but I hope it works for something. Greetings
  2. To move the units as a group, I based myself on examples and information that I found on the network. A grid is created with enough spaces for all the units that you want to move, making each unit choose an empty space in the grid. Thank you.
  3. Yes, it is something that I have to correct, but it should not be a problem to load the page. Thank you.
  4. Small project of a space strategy game (phaser-2.6.2): Graphics by
  5. no tween update: var dist=game.physics.arcade.distanceToXY(player, playerPos.x , playerPos.y); if ( (Math.round(dist)>=-1 && Math.round(dist)<=1) || playerMoving == false) { player.body.velocity.x=0; player.body.velocity.y=0; playerMoving = false; } else{ game.physics.arcade.moveToXY(player, playerPos.x , playerPos.y, 150); }