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  1. Thanks but time property is extra here. After setting it to false I noticed that fpsProblemNotifier is dispatched periodically every 7~8 seconds and in the same time fps indicator is constant 60 however I feel the lag on intervals.
  2. Thanks, there is a _deltaTime property on the Game object but I'm not sure it's the same thing because It just increases like a timer
  3. I'm trying to create a multiplayer game which players have a sprite that they can move it. I wrote this simple code to move sprites: function update() { theSprite.y += speedOnY; theSprite.x += speedOnX; } It works fine in single player games but because this is a multiplayer one, the sprites position must be synced however sprite's speed is dependent to player's current frame rate. If frame rate drops then speed drops and causes desync. The question is how can I move my sprites in a constant speed and independent of the frame rate?
  4. The concept is simple, Game developers must focus only on making their game. However it's not always possible especially when you want to create a multiplayer game. Beside making the game there are things you must consider: Having servers all around the world Load balancing and finding best server for players Managing Servers, game rooms, players and accounts Where to find players? Okay, What's your solution? I'm offering a service to solve those issues. What we do for your game is hosting it on at least 5 location around the world, Handle common multiplayer game issues (player disconnect/reconnect, pause/resume, accessing user account information and authentication, payment API, public/private game rooms and...), Managing servers plus reaching MILLIONS of players. How much does it cost? Hosting your game is free as long as you are not monetizing your game. If you are planing on monetizing it, We only charge you a percentage of what you earn. What are the requirements? Your game must be multiplayer. Your game must be compatible with mobile devices. Your game must be written in HTML5 Am I required to expose my game's source code? No it is not required for client-side, Your game is yours but you should use our client library to interact with our servers. However server-side logic must be exposed to us How can I see the game network? We are currently in prelaunch state and our API is not public yet, So we like to keep things private until official launch(less than a month). I have more questions! Feel free to contact me if you have questions, want some examples or if you want to join us in beta.