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    It has been a while since I released a game, but I present you ... Pointer!
    An evil scientist hates mouse pointer so much that he wants to destroy them all! This game is what some of you might know as a "mouse catcher" game. The game will try to take out your mouse pointer by throwing various traps at you. Some traps can have rare different variants to try catch you off guard. You have to stay within the green octagon shaped area or you will lose straight away, mainly to avoid cheating but to also make it harder (too fast movement might get punished!). You can take up to 3 hits before you lose, but it is possible to regain health over time by finding randomly spawned medkits. Try to survive as long as possible! (My record is 278, how far can you get?)
    The game includes some voice acting done by a friend of mine .
    You can play it on my website: http://taggrin.com/games/pointer.php
    Together with this game release I also completely overhauled the layout of my website. I started to use PHP as well to make it easier to manage. It still needs some minor tweaks (favicon, htaccess, what not), but the main thing is there.

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