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  1. Hey guys! Here the last version for Physics Editor with Electron I hope you like it, as this will be the latest version of the program. any bug can be reported here, in this post. Download Link: >> Here << Donation Link: >> PayPal Here <<
  2. Hey, i am sorry that!!, i go to edit it right now, thanks for ur message!!
  3. Hey guys, here new update with "Physics Testing System" Preview: Download Link: Here
  4. Hey guys! Here I bring you the phaser physics editor, but in desktop version so you can use it at any time even without internet access image preview Hope you like! Download Link - Mega Server Link for donation: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/hermes?token=82719409FP5842801&useraction=commit&rm=1&mfid=1584926150901_cd3b757ed4b17 The donation is only for those who want to contribute a grain of sand.
  5. Hey guys! here are the physics editor, my old site has ben deleted, i sorry it!! Here new link: http://physicseditor.000webhostapp.com/ NOTE!! : Need make permmit of emergent windows then your can upload images to physcis editor. Thanks! and sorry !
  6. Maybe I have not explained myself well. ¿What i need? I need to create a "cosmic" object that is capable of containing many other objects of all kinds. To thus "Modulate" an object and that it acts as the total thereof. Making that ... when eliminating the "Cosmic Object", all the objects belonging to it are also eliminated. ¿is it possible?
  7. Hey guys! I would like to know how I could remove a set of objects without needing to do it 1 to 1 ¿why is this? I have created one poster, and this consist of 4 parts: Background, title, image and description. When I need to remove this object, it turns out that only the background is removed, but everything else remains. My Code: this.Tooltip = Game.PhaserGame.add.graphics(); this.Tooltip.beginFill(0xffffff, 1); this.Tooltip.drawRect(10, 10, 500, 250); this.Tooltip.endFill(); this.Tooltip.wanted = { title: Game.PhaserGame.add.text(0, 0, "¡WANTED!", {font: "bold
  8. Hi Guys! I have a problem when i create a new "Phaser.Game". The problem is that when i run the game, this is using other dimension that i haven't spesified in the code. ¿any solution? The code is very simple: this.PhaserGame = new Phaser.Game(1200, 650, Phaser.AUTO, "canvas", null, false, true, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); Thanks to all for your time.
  9. Hey Guys! I just created a very simple physics editor since the one we use commonly gets paid and it's only free for a while. The truth, as I said, is very simple, just add the image, the groups of polygons needed for that image and then in each group we can add individual polygons at the position of the cursor with the key [1] to make it easier and fast. After this we export and ready. Here are some pictures: WEBSITE If there is a problem or something that should be taken into account to improve this system, I would appreciate it if t
  10. No, the image is fine, the problem was that it was loading two identical files, one in the preload state and another in the state of MainMenu, which caused a kind of strange update.
  11. Yes, that was the mistake, thank you!
  12. Hello Guys I have a problem with the buttons on phaser They do not change the texture as indicated in the code Game: var PhaserGame = new Phaser.Game(1200, 640, Phaser.AUTO, "PhaserGame"); var Preload; var MainMenu; PhaserGame.state.add("Preload", Preload); PhaserGame.state.add("MainMenu", MainMenu); PhaserGame.state.start("Preload"); Preload: Preload = { preload: function(){ }, create: function(){ PhaserGame.load.onLoadComplete.add(Finished, this); Preloaders(); }, update: function(){}, } function Preloaders(){ PhaserGame.load.image("Backgr
  13. Hello Guys! I want to know why this error is coming out: phaser.js:17481 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'compressionAlgorithm' of null at PIXI.WebGLRenderer.updateTexture (phaser.js:17481) at PIXI.WebGLSpriteBatch.renderBatch (phaser.js:18911) at PIXI.WebGLSpriteBatch.flush (phaser.js:18890) at PIXI.WebGLSpriteBatch.renderTilingSprite (phaser.js:18629) at Phaser.TileSprite._renderWebGL (phaser.js:60299) at Phaser.World.PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer._renderWebGL (phaser.js:15056) at Phaser.Stage.PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer._renderWebGL (phaser.js:15056) at PIXI.WebGLRenderer.re
  14. Hello! I have compiled my phaser game using cocoon.io but at the time of installing it, I only install an application where I must enter the url or zip of the game. But I just want you to install the game and now ... ¿How can I do? That is, I just want the game to be installed, that when entering either the game and not that interface to debug ¿Any ideas? Thanks and regards!
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