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  1. Hello, I guess you can use: platforms.incX(-100);: https://photonstorm.github.io/phaser3-docs/Phaser.GameObjects.Group.html#incX__anchor
  2. Hi 👋 What you need is to manage the deck in the server side as the only truth deck. Update server deck data on each player action (send player action to server) and update each player with server results (send all players the new deck). I hope this helps...
  3. Hello, in your example I guess you need to use setInteractive() before using .on('pointerdown'... About your question there are different ways you can do: Try passing it as arg to the function function makeInteractive(btn) { //use btn here... } and callit like makeInteractive(this.textBtnConnect) Or you can use arrow function and use it with 'this' const makeInteractive = () => { // use this.textBtnConnect here }
  4. Hi, looks like static group has no "setScale", try with... this.rock.scaleXY(2, 2) https://photonstorm.github.io/phaser3-docs/Phaser.Physics.Arcade.StaticGroup.html#scaleXY__anchor
  5. Hi, try declaring scene1 and scene2 before your config
  6. Hi, looks like you are overwritting "this.sound"... try... this.sound1 = this.sound.add('jump'); this.sound1.play(); this.sound2 = this.sound.add('staraudio'); this.sound2.play();
  7. Hi, just trying to bring some more light if it helps... Another solution I guess: var value = 0xff0000; var color = (value >> 16) + (value & 0xff00) + ((value & 0xff) << 16) Looks that this is what it's being applied in the sources... https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/blob/v3.22.0/src/gameobjects/components/Tint.js
  8. Hi, what you can do is use the variable as context without ES6 arrows, something like... var myText = this.add.text( ... ).on("pointerover", function() { this.setTint() }, myText)
  9. I haven't played with game.cache but just trying to help looking at http://phaser.io/docs/2.4.4/Phaser.Cache.html ...have you tried with checkImageKey or checkKey?
  10. Hi, I'm starting with Phaser + Isometric plugin and is pretty cool. I think it has what I need for now, but now I'm stuck with some tests... I'm trying to detect when a srpite is hidden by another sprite in the isometric map. Something similar to? https://phaser.io/examples/v2/sprites/overlap-without-physics I tried with intersects without results, I think this is because colliding avoid intersections. I tried also with overlap, but I have results only when collides, and I want to know it without colliding. Scene A: Blue cube is not colliding but has a h
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