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  1. https://kronbits.itch.io/pic2tile Convert images into Hama Beads or Lego blocks style using 16x16 tiles. More tiles and sizes in coming updates. For more info about next updates or if you want to request possible features give me a touch on twitter via @DavitMasia Here are some other examples made by other user on twitter called Rumblecade. He exported the image and set the background/shadows. Loved the composition so i'm trying to replicate it in the app so users will set the background color , shadow or whatever and export like this ones with 0 manual work.
  2. People recommended Adinplay for Ads that accept to get paid via paypal with a good perfomance but the Vat/Taxes is up to you. Is there any ADs system for html5 games on they pay the vat/taxes in the same way itch.io does?
  3. I tried to do a ramp in blender, export as ramp3.babylon and in the plugin code i do this: BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("Cube", "", "ramp3.babylon", scene, function (newMeshes, particleSystems) { }); The ramp is loaded at 0,0,0 position with the correct collision, that means i can go up to the ramp and slide down, instead of get the collision box. So seems with this function i can load the entire scene(removing "Cube" at first) or select the mesh objects i want to import in the scene. Before mark as solved i'm gonna test more complex stuff to see if works in all ways.
  4. I can't provide a PG because i'm using Babylon via plugin for a game engine called Construct2 but i found a way to add direct babylon code. So if the plugin have some bug or missing features i can use babylon code adding it in the correct place from a solution provided. So, he .OBJ loaded in Babylon only supports bounding boxes ? What happens if i have a complex object or mini-scene with multiple meshes? There is no way to set to that object a precise collision rather than a simple bounding box? If i load a .Babylon scene to the game exported from blender i can do ramps,etc... and th
  5. Any imported .OBJ have this box collisions. How i can set to the object the correct collisions or use the collision=mesh ? Maybe is there any function to force the correct collision in case are bad loaded or something ¿? . I don't know if there is something wrong on my .OBJ, the plugin or simply babylon v2.6 not accept the collision and just draw a box? Here is the .obj i'm using: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8vm3FpJ3vqJT1RlNFIxTldLcU0/view?usp=sharing
  6. And also they need to be ordered correctly to be 4-5-6-7
  7. @aWeirdo I read that tutorial and based with it but had lots of issues to figure things so i finally do it in numbers, without variables, to see what is problem and as @brianzinn said there is two sides that need a 90º rotation that killed me. After see all you have to do for map a simple cube... i think i'm not gonna go in this way. So seems that or will load the .OBJ of a cube with the mapped or using a plane for walls, or maybe create a cube with 6 planes, each one with X texture and after that rotate in X.Y from the center of the mesh.
  8. The idea is create a box and texture each side of the cube, but is so frustating, trying to guess the UV coordinates for each face wich change on each one the coordinates, btw i got this, but still lot of work guessing the other faces, so frustrating https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1V3CAT#263 So, my cuestion is , if there is a way more easy to do all this. I mean, maybe some function on you tell that there is 4 textures in horizontal, 4 textures in vertical and babylon with that info know this: So instead the coordinates like this: faceUV[0] = new BABYLON.Vect
  9. I see, so that .js is not supported, thanks! other thing less to check XD
  10. This is the code inside the Babylon3D plugin for C2 that load the .OBJ and .JS file. There is more code but i are variables and C2 stuff, i put here only the part that i think does the work: instanceProto.tick2 = function () { if (this.runtime.scenes[this.properties[1]]) { // Is scene defined if (!this.created) // We didn't create the mesh yet { var rot = this.properties[5].split(","); //XY rotation var xpos = this.x - (this.runtime.original_width / 2); var ypos = - (this.y - (this.runtime.original_height / 2)); var zpos = this.properties[7]; var scene = this.
  11. Well, seems tower of babel is not available anymore, or changed the site ¿? . I can export an .OBJ(a simple model/object) and a .Babylon file(Scene with camera, lights,etc..) from Blender and runs ok. My question is that i also can see there is in the lugin a .js import for models, like three.js , but when i import the .js on babylon not appears nothing but is there because the camera collides with it, and if i apply the debug to that mesh i can see a transparent cube. So I'm not sure if import a .js model can be imported on Babylon v2.6 or not, was deprecated or something or i'
  12. Is possible import .js models into babylon? In the plugin i have that uses babylon.js engine appears ".js" and ".obj". Installed a js exporter on Blender and got a .json file, i rename it to .js and tried to import in a babylon scene but not appears nothing, so i don't know if is not possible, was deprecated... the plugin uses the Babylon v2.6. I searched in docs and can't find anything about that, only .OBJ files,.
  13. @JohnK Thanks! Worked perfectly! Last thing, any idea that how avoid negative values?
  14. I'm getting the freecamera values but they are radians and if i continue rotate they increase more than 6.28 or less than -6.28 . So whay i do for conversion actually is: (camera.rotation.y*360)/6.28 So i get the camera values as i want. But i can figure how fix the infinite rotation value thing, maybe there is some function or something i missing to avoid that?
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