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  1. Hi, I'm new to babylon JS, sorry for silly questions. I follow this tutorial and when i'm extruding my 2D shape along Z axis it looks just fine: When I do it along Y axis (with changed path) result becomes flat: How do I create correct path?
  2. Sorry for noobish questions. My renderOutine is not displaying properly when mesh's material is transparent. Example: It also has these weird corners:
  3. I will give you guys update on this. I managed to parse geoJSON data and made Vector3 shapes out of it. (pic 1) Then I extruded building shapes: All i need now is outline like in pic related: From what I read you can't use renderOutline() method on extruded shapes. I've seen this demo as an example of outline, but i can't apply it to my extruded shapes. Should I construct my 3D mesh in some other way? I only have Vector3 outlines of buildings.
  4. Hi, I want to create city map with 3D buildings. I have GeoJSON with building data. I'm using this data to make 2D polygonal mesh (building shape). (I've used example values) Is there way to add 3'rd dimension to it? I want to use my 2D mesh as base for 3D Object. Is it possible to store this 3D object as Vector3? I want to map all verticles and keep them around for future use. (I'm starting with babylon.js, i don't know is this proper way to do it.) { "type":"FeatureCollection", "features":[ { "id":"w26358613", "properties":{ "levels":8 }, "geometry":{ "type":"Polygon", "coordinates":[ [ [ 13.426143, 52.51832 ], [ 13.426195, 52.518392 ], [ 13.426155, 52.518423 ], [ 13.426192, 52.518479 ], [ 13.426252, 52.518476 ], [ 13.426296, 52.51854 ], [ 13.426473, 52.518496 ], [ 13.426319, 52.518275 ], [ 13.426143, 52.51832 ] ] ] }, "type":"Feature" } ] }