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  1. Hi, I have a need to put blendmode 'screen' on a sprite that is on top of a white rectangle to work as if the white rectangle and the canvas background was transparent. 1. Example of current situation Here you can see that the sprite is blended in against the white rectangle to the left, and aginst the canvas background to the right. I need this to not happen, meaning the canvas background and white rectangle should be treated by the blendmode as transparent. The reason is that the white rectangle and canvas background is just for the visual purpose of showing a page you can put things on. 2. How I need the sprite to actually look (even though there will be a white background rectangle, and canvas background color) What I'm trying to achieve is something that works like in Indesign: In the screenshot from Indesign above you see a page, you put things on the page, but the blendmode acts as if the page is transparent - not white. You can see that the blendmode works as expected against the white background rectangle, but treats the white of the page as transparent. TLDR; Is there a way I can have the white background rectangle and the canvas background be treated as transparent like in Indesign, when the foreground sprite has blendmode 'screen'?