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  1. How? thank you yes of course it is possible. but if a file will have binary format, front-end and back-end don't need to spend time and memory to gzip/ungzip especially for babylon files 100 MB...
  2. Hello Is there a Binary Babylon File format? I tested the tool ( ) half year ago, but the result are Babylon text format files, not really Binary. We need to reduce models downloading time. Any ideas? Brg Mihail
  3. You can see the picture in blender. Blender has correct colors. I used the command line to convert fbx to babylon format file: FbxExporter.exe ship_Binary.fbx . /skipemptynodes. I just try to try mesh.createNormals() , but there is a problem. I will try to fix it: Cannot read property 'length' of null at Function.t.ComputeNormals (babylon.js:15) at r.i.createNormals (babylon.js:7) at e.callback (visam3d.window.js:1040)
  4. Hi First two pictures show the model with backFaceCulling=true Next two pictures show the model with backFaceCulling=false Why the colors are not correct when I set backFaceCulling=false? The vessel bottom has to be red. How to fix the problem? The original FBX file looks like this:
  5. Hi Thank you! We know that we need to do many improvements in our system :-) We will be happy to share the demo on the home page. There are 3 ways to highlight: just add the link to the main page: or share the light model view or share the complex model view Also there is a picture which can be used as "demo" picture: This is a model of Blowout preventer
  6. Hello everybody, We have launched BETA version of our system ( ). We know that we have to improve many things But it would be nice if somebody will start to use the system and make criticism, find bugs, give improvement ideas It will be easy to send us your response by using "Feedback" link on the first page of the system. Here you can find tutorials about the system: Of course we will be happy to cooperate with people who will find the system as useful and people who wants to join to the development. For example we would like to improve big models loading speed and responsiveness. Brg Mikhail
  7. of course, I can make invisible box. I wrote about it in my first message: " create a "root" mesh / set as parent ...." But what will you do if you want to change up axis dynamically? something like this: My point is try to find easy solution to apply a transformation to a scene instead of to each mesh or to a parent mesh
  8. sometime engineers need to make a model transformations like this: it means a transformation should be applied to whole scene :-) Also it can help to fix "the up axis problem". You can take a look at the example You can change the camera position (line 9,10,11) but you will not be able to set X or Z as up axis to rotate around.
  9. Hi Of course, there are at least two ways to do it: for each scene mesh to do rotateAround or create a "root" mesh / set as parent and do the same (rotateAround). But may be there is another way to rotate whole scene around a pivot? Thanks
  10. Hi The 3D builder ( ) can open the attached STL file. But the Sandbox ( ) can not. Is this a bug? Brg Mikhail Riser Base MODEL REV.01.stl
  11. @Deltakosh @ProfessorF @Temechon It seems that summer time came
  12. Hi @Deltakosh and @ProfessorF I think that our company ready to finance the FBX loader development. Could you recommend somebody who has an interest to develop FBX loader and who has experience to do such job? Brg Mikhail
  13. Hi thank you. I fixed the problem by loading babylon file from a server (XMLHttpRequest) / JSON.parse / change material ids / JSON.stringify / ImportMesh.
  14. Hi I have many FBX files. Each FBX file has unique material names. FbxExporter.exe converts these files to babylon files. The FBX material names go to babylon But many babylon files contain materials with id value "45" ("id": "45"). It seems that FbxExporter.exe generates these id somehow by itself. This is the reason why loading many babylon files to one (same) scene shows incorrecet colors. Are there any ways to fix it?