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  1. I think better to write issue on github, and provide more relevant code. As I see author responds quickly
  2. I know about 'added' and 'removed' events, but they fired only when display object added to parent container. So I was looking for events similar of flash events ADDED_TO_STAGE and REMOVE_FROM_STAGE, and found this topic So far, as I understood, in pixi.js there is no way to get event of adding to display list graph, and this is VERY, VERY UNCONVENIENT. Let me explain my situation, I need to apply some logic to display objects when they on stage, and remove this logic when they off. It can be done easily with such types of events, but now I wondering what to do? Implement my own, or there are any other ways?
  3. No I didn't, but there is some work arounds. Firstly, you can try PIXI.settings.PRECISION_FRAGMENT = 'highp'; //this makes text looks better this.renderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(845, 451, { antialias: false, transparent: true }); this.renderer.roundPixels = true; //and this too Secondly, if you want a perfect scalable text you have to do it in html, and so did I. I've made game with pixi.js and react
  4. Thanks a lot Taz, really nice demo!
  5. Thanks for demo, it has big sized text, really wonder how ti looks on small font sizes. And anyway you have problems with server, sometimes I can enter your games sometimes don't.
  6. @ludado thanks for link, I would like to see how this sulution looks, but server is down.
  7. I tried it with this library small fonts are blurry, it well scales up, but not good when scales down.
  8. For my project I need quickly develop textfield which shows good quality while scaling. So far I see I can do it with approach I describe below: 1. Scale whole render and get koefficient of resize. Question is which approach for this task is better, now I do it with JS function on window.resize event, which use css transform and returns scale factor. But I suppose I need to do scaling within pixi to get control over process. 2. Redraw textfield on canvas changing font size according this scale factor, and adjust it's coordinates. I would like to hear any thoughts on this subject, thanks in advance!
  9. Today I tried Brenwell's solution on movieclip made from 4 spritesheets. Works like a charm!
  10. I am check it with console.log in plugins callback, It was the first thing I did think of.
  11. Quick explanation about attached demo. Sorry for little mess, I tried to include only necessary files. Demo made in big (1920x1080 resolution) to show effect. I do my project with browserify, so if you want to compile it from source (in src folder) you have to install it. Otherwise you can use app.bundle.js file, it not minified, just check index.html to use it. When click button PLAY movieclip plays, and in first time I clearly see lag when stone falls on back, after that movieclip plays without lag. The module where movieclips are making is src/AssetsManager.js where getBigMovieClip function is located, where I tried to use prepare plugin. Then I play it in app.js with settimeout function just to check that all uploaded. Thanks in advance.
  12. I am making demo with defect just now, I''ll attach it to the post as soon as I can.
  13. Thanks for quick response I'd like to join both slack and telegram group, please send me invite (if you need my email I can send it to you via private message)