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  1. No, it's not a client-side affair, the CMS was an option because it's the easiest way for me to handle the member's group (players) and their actions, also because I was planning to make it a text-based game XD It's a turned based game, and yes, if the team is always active (immediately do some operations after one is done) then it'll be a huge advantage for that team. Like I've said, it's like a Risk table top game, but in a much slower pace and is more complex. It's like how Utopia works, but instead of playing individually and managing your race (like Clash of Clans), players in a team will work together on choosing the right operation to strengthen their kingdom/country, and each operation takes a couple of hours to finish. I was inspired by Dragon Age: Inquisition's War Table gameplay. What is a good framework for text based games that is capable of handling multiplayer? Thanks for the insight!
  2. Hello! I'm new to game development and I wanted to make a time-based game, I don't know if that's the right term, but it works something like how farm simulator games work, where the player plants a seed, then wait long periods of time for the seed to grow. That means, the player is able to close the game, and after a period of time (enough time to grow the seed), opens the game, and they'll see the seed grew into a plant. I don't know what framework is best for these type of games, but for now, I'm planning to make it as a text based game, build it like a website (HTML, CSS, PHP, & JS), then host it on my web host, so my table-top-gamer friends would be able to play it anywhere. Basically, my plan is to make something like a multiplayer Risk game, where 2 teams fight each other, and each team consists of 3 players. They are able to gather resources so they could build their army, and then move their army around a grid based map (like chess: "move pawn to D7"), until they are able to destroy or conquer their enemy's castle. The game revolves around the time system since all actions require time (training of units, building of defenses, moving a number of units to a location, etc). Any advice is appreciated P.S. I'm a web developer, this may sound stupid, but I'm planning to make the game on WordPress, I just need to figure out on how to make the time system lol