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  1. Sorry the issue was my fault. I was directly setting mesh.rotation = {x, y, z} obtained from a network request instead of using mesh.rotation = new Vector3(...)
  2. Thank you. Just to confirm, if I download https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/master/dist/preview release/loaders/babylon.glTFFileLoader.min.js file things should work?
  3. @Luaacro I have this playground to demonstrate the issue. The chair on the left is glb and the chair on right is obj. The relevant code follows // create loader var loader = new BABYLON.AssetsManager(scene); var glbTask = loader.addMeshTask("batman", "", "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28136236/models/chair/", "chair.glb"); var objTask = loader.addMeshTask("batman", "", "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28136236/models/chair/", "chair.obj"); // function that takes a mesh and applies pink material function applyMaterialToMesh(mesh){ var materialSpher
  4. @Deltakosh Since you have authored multiple javascript libraries, would you know if there is a way to determine what parts of code have not been utilised/interpreted/run/executed until a given point of time in client side execution? Something that can start of with all lines as unused and marking them as used as when lines are executed/run. For example. consider an application that does not require PBR material for the first 5 seconds of execution, this technique should be able to inform the dev that lines related to PBR material have not been used until 5 seconds. I do not mean an unimported
  5. @Deltakosh I can try editing the gulp config file and report results. However, it will be useful to have a dependency graph of .ts/.js files/modules. Do you have such a document? What is the best way to preliminarily test this? Test suite?
  6. @Deltakosh Thanks for the prompt reply. For further illustration, I have added following code to your playground to produce updated playground console.log(sphere.rotation) console.log(scene.meshes[0].name) console.log(scene.meshes[0].rotation) console.log(scene.meshes[0].rotation.asArray()) Note that both sphere.rotation and scene.meshes[0].rotation return Vector3 like objects with the following characteristics there are no getters and setters for x,y,z there is a method mesh.rotation.asArray() However, when I execute console.log(scene.meshes[2].rotation) with my scene,
  7. Hello I am trying to serialize the scene with BABYLON.SceneSerializer.Serialize(scene) and am getting a "mesh.rotation.asArray is not a function". Serialization works fine when meshes are not rotated. On further exploration, I realised that that mesh.rotation was not a Vector3 object but an object with getters, setters and __op__: Observer. Could this be the issue? Can you please help me fix this. Please let me know if you need more details. Thank you
  8. @Deltakosh Is it possible to use gulp to remove modules that are not required (remove audio, remove certain cameras) via a custom build? If yes, how would one go about doing so? If I am not mistaken, this link regarding instructions before submitting PR (taken from github README), used to recommend adding script tags for all .js files produced by gulp. Thus indicating that Babylon can work by including multiple smaller files and not just one large file. This multiple .js file build suggests that one can create a dependency tree for the .ts/.js files and subsequently remove extraneous bran
  9. @Luaacro Yes. It does not work with both gltf and glb. However, I must mention that I used node obj to gltf/glb and cesium online converter to convert existing obj files.
  10. Hello I am unable to apply material to objects loaded in .gltf/.glb format but am able to do so for objects loaded in .obj formal. I have attached chair_gltf.png, chair_obj.png and relevant code below. I would like to create a demonstration in the babylon playground but cant since I dont know how to add assets to the playground. Questions 1) Can someone help me figure out how to apply materials to models loaded via gltf? 2) How does one add static assets to babylon playground? function addObject(scene, model){ var scale = model.scale; var pos = function(t)
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