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  1. A video for those that do not have xbox controllers.
  2. These are some amazing projects. I haven't voted yet but I will after playing them more. Honestly our game was not made for this competition. It just happened to fit the requirements, although it did give us a push to add more things quickly. Also I am afraid most people will not be able to play our game because you need an xbox controller. This was our first Babylon.js project and I really liked developing in Babylon.js. sorry this post is all over the place
  3. When I try to make a BABYLON.PhysicsImpostor.HeightmapImpostor with something that is flat shaded the collisions do not work. I was wondering if that was a bug or if you need to use a smooth shaded mesh in order to make a Heightmap Impostor.
  4. Is it ok to submit an almost complete project? This group project we are working on is no way complete but a lot has been done.
  5. I mean how to make a GroundMesh from a Mesh. Sorry for being confusing.
  6. Is it possible to make a ground from a heightFieldImpostor? I need to do this in order to use get height at coordinates for my game. Or is there a way to use get height at coordinates with a heightFieldImpostor?
  7. I can go 2 times faster when I hold WASD and the arrow keys at the same time. Also the camera rotation doesn't work for me. I am supposed to use my mouse right? I am using chrome.
  8. I have had this problem a lot. What solved it for me was making the mesh that is animated be centered so it was not translated or scaled. Also before I export I would set the animation to frame zero and alt + g, alt + r, alt + s, in order to reset the position of the pose. After I did that the export worked properly. Although I can't figure out why it worked. It would be nice if someone knew why. I do notice you start on keyframe 0 but I start on keyframe 1. I don't know if that is significant or not.
  9. Sweet! Thanks. This is exactly what I need.
  10. Can outlines be transparent? Is there an alpha property? I tried passing in a Color4 with an alpha value to outlineColor and it didn't work.
  11. It looks really cool. I've played a game like this before irl. Are you basing this off of a real game or are you making it up as you go along?
  12. I want to add a new feature in the Blender Exporter but it seems like from this conversation that you guys do not want to have userData. I already made a pull request for tags, but I want to set more special variables specific to my project in Blender using Custom Properties. Tags is limited and I was wondering if I should try to make userData export from Blender, similar to what the Threejs exporter does. I already have part of this done here. I only implemented the export and not the import. I stopped when I saw the conversation about userData.
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