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  1. So i tried it but still the same issue it will only collide with layer 1 but not layer 2
  2. well the player wont be able to walk through neither when both are set and if i have only one set it can only walk on one or the other. And I have not tried your way so I will go and check.
  3. So I have not quite figured this out. But I am trying to set two diffrent collisions for two seprate tile map layers. For instance I have a ground layer that the player can run on and a obstacle such as spikes that a player will be able to run into. But I dont want it to overlap. So I have attempted something like this in the create function. map = game.add.tilemap('GroundTilePrototype'); // Add the tileset to the map map.addTilesetImage('GroundTileSet'); // Create the layer by specifying the name of the Tiled layer layer = map.createLayer('Tile Layer 1'); // Set the world size to match the size of the layer layer.resizeWorld(); // Enable collisions for the first tilset element map.setCollision(2); layer2 = map.createLayer('Tile Layer 2'); //set spike colosion map.setCollision(1); And I thought I could do something like this in the update function. But It will only work for the first layer. Could any one point me toward the right direction? game.physics.arcade.collide(player,layer); game.physics.arcade.collide(player,layer2); Thanks for the help.
  4. Ok cool good to know iam on the right track then. Thanks for your input.
  5. So I have been looking at different solutions to pausing a game. And I wanted others opinions on how you guys go about doing this. As I found that when you pause it using default key input from phaser it locks up the ui and you cant unpause the game. I then ran across a solution such as the one below. But another way I have heard is just pausing the specific things that are relevant to being paused. Such as enemies and player ect. What do you guys find is the best method and do you guys have any examples that you might be able to point me to. Thank you. window.onkeydown = function(event) { if (event.keyCode == Phaser.Keyboard.P){ game.paused = !game.paused; } }
  6. gwartney

    Ga game engine

    Cool I would check out that book i linked to you. Also if you do not find phaser in your liking I would check out something like godot game maker ect. As they can all export to html5
  7. gwartney

    Ga game engine

    Your welcome glad I could help.
  8. gwartney

    Ga game engine

    Ah well in your case I would say go with what you feel like you can build a game with. And then if your are worried about community help specific for the engine then I would say look at another engine. From my experience though with phaser you really dont have to be a hard core programmer to build a game with it. Although you do have to have a decent understanding of javascript.
  9. gwartney

    Ga game engine

    While this wont answer your specific question but have you taken a look at phaser js? There is a great community and plenty of good resources to get you started. I personally bought this to get me started using phaser.