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  1. @vamos Did you hear about firebase? They offer a realtime databases, and solve the scalability problems. But I don't see games using it, do you know why? For the game that you are creating, you add exhaustive validations to prevent "hacks" in the game? The players can see the listeners if they press F12?
  2. @ivan.popelyshev What is your stack nowadays? Sorry if my questions are silly: 1. Is it pure java? or using some framework? Do you prefer more java than node.js? (I always see node.js as the recommended technology for multiplayer games). 8. It is related with the POO and the strict rules of the language? 9. That sounds great. Thank you.
  3. Do you use Node.js with MongoDB for develop multiplayer games? In Firebase the data has to be denormalized, and usually is necessary to update in multiple locations when some data changes. That may produce inconsistencies. I have read that MySQL without FKs is also a good option, even in some times it can be better than MongoDB in performance.
  4. Hi. It is my first post in the forum. I was looking for a specific category for server-side topic, but found nothing related. I have some experience using PHP with Laravel to create web applications (even I have created some SPAs with Ajax calls), but now I see that Node.JS is the better choice to create multiplayer games (because it provides a realtime interaction between server and connected users). Some days ago I found Firebase and was using it for a bit. I see that the realtime database is really easy to use. The only bad thing is that the validation rules in firebas
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