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  1. I have a site with lots of html 5 games only. I dont see significant revenues at all... unless you have a large facebook group that would play your games in a daily basis. the best thing is to design your game, create your portfolio and sell your games...
  2. My advise, sell non-exclusive titles to these sites famobi, gamepix,etc but publish your own games on appstore and google play. This is the most guarantee process. do not sell exclusive games to these sites, do your own profit on them or resell for disney, samsung for bigger prices. Easy to say all this stuff and hide that famobi waited for the zapbboster owner achieves 500 euros to lock his/her account down. They should have done this early. Famobi earned 100%. The correct term is to put the terms in the main page stating what is legal or illegal and then deactivate the account as soon as a mistake or thief whatever is done. My 50 cents.
  3. Why not do tentacles of war for html5? I would certainly buy the source code from you...
  4. Phaser does have an IDE? Im using Construct 2 since it is cheaper than Buildbox (99$ per month) and it seems more easier handling events. Cocos2d-js is cool...i have here installed. I created a physics game with it.
  5. What is the best tool for mac to handle sprite sheets ? I need one that i am able to replace sprites of a spritesheet easily... Does not matter if its paid or free...Thanks in advance.
  6. Agree...the quality of buildbox games are awesome but $99/month still expensive for me.
  7. Hi guys, Im using Buildbox and Construct 2 to build my games... i found some constraints in Builbox because it does not allow me to do certain games like puzzle ones... Construct 2 lincese is much cheaper...(i dont have to pay 99 dollars a month). So it is worth using it? Can i do eggerland mistery game using construct 2? Or do you think there is other tools available for handling more complex games (2d games - i also have unity 3d installed). What do you think about it?