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  1. Kraken, Looks good and I hope you learned a bit from doing this. You should change the title in the HTML file at some point. As an exercise you could add a flap/swim animation that triggers on a tap to give some more visual indication of input.
  2. has a lot of stuff and many of the artists who submit assets also have their own sites where you can order a commission for custom art.
  3. Qici and MightyEditor both look like great IDEs for building Phaser games in a more visual way. It's really kinda sad that they both died and there's not a lot of support for them out there.
  4. No, one of the major changes Rich has been promoting is removing Pixi from Phaser.
  5. I did run into one issue with your examples; your .js files do not import/export or otherwise reference one another. Once I figured out you're transposing down to ES5 and all of your classes are in a single file it made sense but as presented on your site I couldn't figure out how one thing was talking to another.
  6. I like this. Your code is well laid out and has enough comments to more than follow what's happening without being to verbose. As someone who's learned ES5 but not 6 I found these examples quite easy to follow and I learned about a few Phaser features I'd not needed or thought about until now but now I know they exist and maybe even how to use them.
  7. The basic idea of what you need to do is remove all your code from the script tags in your HTML and move it into a .JS file that you will call the same way you called Phaser at the top of your page. You need to call phaser.js before you call your game script. The browser executes each line as it comes to it so if you load your game first it will start asking for things phaser provides which your browser hasn't loaded yet. I tend to load phaser.js in the Head element of my HTML page and the first state of my game as the last thing before I close the body tag. The below code assumes you have one state called game.js and that phaser and your game are both in a folder js , game.js is just your code copied and pasted from your current html page. Once you understand how to move your game logic into separate javascript files you'll find the concept of game states much easier. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <title>Your Game Title</title> <script src="js/phaser.js"></script> </head> <body> <script src="js/game.js"></script> </body> </html>
  8. Just a couple things about the desktop inputs: Shift to jump is causing Windows to ask if I want to enable sticky keys and stuck my right arrow down once. Pressing alt takes the focus off of the canvas as Firefox seems to think I want to use an alternative function and places focus on the top Menu bar.
  9. I've been using Brackets for JavaScript although considering I already use Notepad++ for nearly everything else and it has language options for JavaScript and JSON I may switch to that. Brackets has autocomplete and there's a plugin that can make suggestions for Phaser if you start using that engine as your base.
  10. Super Simple Clicker Hey all. I'm new here, new to Phaser and new to JavaScript but not new to coding. After reading through a few tutorials and working my way through a bit of a programming learning site I decided to make the simplest game I could using Phaser and not copying or working from an existing tutorial. The result is a super simple clicker game where you gain points by clicking on one thing and you spend them by clicking on another, spending points makes each click thereafter worth more points. I wanted to make this using no outside assets, so no background image, no sounds, and no button graphics. I tried to tween the text size but when I couldn't figure that out I just adjusted the size with a little loop at the end of the Update method. I don't know if tweening would save any computational power.